How to Find Public Restroom Near Me

Find a public restroom near me! This is a question asked by anyone traveling around any city and we wished this query could be answered in some way. Google maps make it easier to find public restrooms and give directions to the nearest public toilet easily.

Find Public Restroom Near Me

Let’s say you are in Ney York and do a simple search for Restroom on Google Maps.

public restroom near me

This is especially helpful for tourists looking for public conveniences in new cities where obvious public restrooms near your current location are difficult to find. A simple search on Google maps for the nearest public toilets can make this task very easy.

If you click on the nearest public toilet of your choice it will also give you the star rating, pictures, reviews as well as service hours. Some paid restrooms even have websites! You can click for directions as well as save and bookmark for later use.

How to Locate Public Bathroom Near Me

This feature will work on any mobile phone and restroom locations can be searched and found on Google map. Or else you can type in the search bar. You can use any keywords like Restrooms, Bathrooms, Toilets or add near me to them. You can also use Google Assistant, wherein you just have to say ‘OK Google’ – find public restrooms near me.

It can also be easily used on Google maps on any desktop browser wherein in the search bar you can type the same keywords.

restroom near me

If you use this link ( in your browser and your location is turned on, Google maps will automatically display public restrooms in your immediate area.

NOTE: In both situations, it is important you allow the computer or mobile phone app to access your current location, else it will not be able to find toilets near your location. The better your PC or phone can pinpoint your location using Wifi, 4G/5G, or GPS, the better location tracking and search results it will give.

Other useful searches are gas stations with restrooms as they are located in safe areas and might have other bathroom amenities and shops as well.

Public Restroom Finder Apps

There are a number of apps that can help you find a  restroom in a variety of situations. These apps are particularly useful for travelers, as they can help you find a clean and convenient bathroom when you’re on the go. Some of the more popular restroom finder apps include:

  1. Flush Toilet Finder: This app allows you to search for public restrooms and find public toilets in your area. Also provides ratings and reviews from other users to help you find the best one. Google Play App | Apple Store App
  2. SitOrSquat: This app, developed by Charmin, allows you to search for restrooms based on your current location and provides ratings and reviews from other users.
  3. Toilet Finder: This app allows you to search for public restrooms in your area and provides information about the amenities and accessibility of each location. More than 150,000 toilets are listed for free! Android | iOS
  4. Restroom Finder: This app provides a directory of public restrooms in your area, along with ratings and reviews from other users.
  5. WC Toilet and Restroom Finder: This app allows you to search for public restrooms in your area and provides information about the availability and cleanliness of each location. Android app
  6. Where is Public Toilet is another popular toilet-finding app See the video below for how it is used – Android app

It’s a good idea to download a few different apps to ensure that you have a variety of options available to you when you need to find a restroom.

Mapping community loos and public toilets

I have been stuck in many cities, and in my own city as well, looking for a public restroom near me, as I was unaware of this simple feature in Google maps. It seems local municipal authorities have taken great efforts to collaborate with Google maps to pinpoint public restroom locations on Google maps in almost every city of the world.

Under initiatives of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, many cities across India have joined hands with Google India for the ‘Toilet Locator Awareness Campaign’ to help residents find public toilets in their area.

So next time you want to search for a public bathroom near me, head over to Google maps and you will find a bathroom nearby!

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