New Google Panda Update Strikes Websites Traffic

A new Google Panda Update labelled Google Panda 2.5 has rolled across the web in last few days reranking top websites and changing search engine rankings of some top websites. This is in line with changing Google algorithms to remove content farms and scrapping sites from Google search results for a cleaner search experience.

Google Panda Update

Google Panda

Till now the following Google Panda updates have gone live.

Panda Update 1.0: Feb. 24, 2011
Panda Update 2.0: April 11, 2011 (about 7 week gap)
Panda Update 2.1: May 10, 2011 (about 4 week gap)
Panda Update 2.2: June 16, 2011 (about 5 week gap)
Panda Update 2.3: July 23, 2011 (about 5 week gap)
Panda Update 2.4: August 12, 2011 (about 3 week gap)
Panda Update 2.5: September 28, 2011 (about 7 week gap)

In fact Google changes its algorithm everyday!

Searchmetrics which has become famous for releasing lists of sites with severe traffic loss over the last few Panda updates, has again compiled a list of the latest Google Panda 2.5  updates affected sites. Some of the very popular sites like TheNextWeb, Technorati, PRNewsWire, have been hit.

Google Panda Traffic Loss

Not all were losers – there were many gainers too like Youtube, Metacafe, AOL, IGN, Zappos etc. Check your analytics software and see how Google Panda has affected your site.


  1. walker with wheels says:

    Thanks for the update!

    After panda update we will find some good website in SERP.

  2. suraj says:

    i too observed loss in going to improve their search results.

  3. Swamykant says:

    I too observed the same . Thanks for the updates.

  4. Lee Calundan says:

    I don’t think that there is a change in the web ranking because of that what you call google panda. I think it has nothing to do with that. Search results returned by google bot are not influenced by any such programs.

  5. Alex says:

    I hope now we will rise again!

  6. Josh Brancek says:

    I just hate these panda updates!!!

  7. stewmack says:

    The only losers are us lot with websites that are just starting out

  8. jawad says:

    best is focus on on page not on backlinks

  9. Albert says:

    I read over all your article. Many updates are rolling, Now just focus on Content and quality not just focus on sites Back links.

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