Amazing Ra.One Movie Animation on YouTube [Video]

Ra.One Movie is doing an amazing animation promotion on the RaOne YouTube channel. Find actor Shahrukh Khan performing various acts interacting on the YouTube page. See the video below to see how well they have played with the YouTube page for effective film promotion.

The beauty of the custom channel is visitors don’t realize it is an animation, rather they think it is the actual YouTube page which has gone interactive. So users watch the whole animation and only later do they realize that the actual YouTube page is below and you need to scroll down.

Of course many miss the “Skip Animation” link which appears after a while on the top right of the animation, which will fast forward you to the end of the animation, but still shows you a promo video of the Ra One Music trailer. You again need to scroll down to see the channel.

Ra.One is an upcoming  Hindi Superhero film starring Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal which is expected to release in October end at Diwali and promises to be a blockbuster at Bollywood Box Office. Lets see if becomes available at the YouTube Box Office also.

Its amazing use of YouTube for Ra One Movie promotions. With a high budget advertising campaign, you will see many ads and banners across the Google ad network pointing you to the channel. Did you enjoy the animation?

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