How to Find Malware Links From Your Site

Do you know you could be linking to malware sites from your website! Its possible a link you posted in an article year’s back is now a malware hosting site. Its also possible that of those thousands of spam comments which sneak in and get posted, some of them link back to malware sites. Its not about nofollow, its about your site linking out to potential malware links and is bad for your site SEO.

Find Malware Links

I was testing the WordFence Security plugin today to further secure WordPress and found this cool feature which you might like.

When you initiate a security scan, it does lots of tests, but the one I particularly like was that it compares all your links in articles/comments with the Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic pages (see our site example) of these sites (which they call Google’s list of malware sites) and informs you if you link out to them.

wordfence scan

I found our site was linking out to several malware urls and this plugin was able to detect it in comments, articles and even the Quickcache cache files! We simply deleted these links.

malware comments

Indeed these sites showed a bad malware hosting activity on the safe diagnostic pages

safe diagnostic page

Its not possible for any webmaster to compare thousands of urls on your site with the Google safe browsing databases, and this is where this plugin comes as useful. Of course there are many more amazing WordPress security tricks this plugin does, and I am still exploring them now.


  1. Ivette Lopez says:

    Thank you for the great post! I do agree, finding malware in your blog or site is very important for many reasons. Google also penalizes sites with malware.

  2. Kartik Sharma says:

    Thanks for this information to know malware links in my blog. this plugin is looking good i am using it my blog.

    • P. Chandra says:

      Actually if everyone uses this, they will all find some link or the other which points to a malware site.

  3. AMINA says:

    Thank you for your education i will try to improve my Website from now

  4. Annalyn says:

    It is possible that you could be linking malware sites from your website.

    If you are not aware of this can be bad for your site SEO.

    With WordFence Security plugin it secures your WordPress. It performs a lot of tests and informs you of the possible links that can be a malware site.

    Protect your site from Malware links.

    Secure it now!

    Thanks for this post! It is really helpful.

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