Moser Baer Zap: Credit Card Size USB Flash Drive

Moser Baer Zap is India’s first credit card shaped USB flash drive launched by Moser Baer. How many times do you buy a pen drive which is difficult to carry, and almost always impossible to fit in your wallet or cardholder. Moser Baer is all set to change that with this new credit card sized flash drive.

Credit Card Sized Flash Drive

credit card flash driveAs USB flash drives continue to get smaller in size, we aim for better portability and almost everyone needs to keep their flash drive handy, to have easy access to frequently used documents and files. Recently I started carrying my new keychain flash drive with my car keys, and it was an really handy idea at the time. But there is a chance that your keys are more publicly accessible by family, and your keychain flash drive might fall into the wrong hands and lead to loss of private confidential data.

The wallet is one’s most secure accessory, and is usually handled and secured by the person himself and therefore, a credit card shaped USB flash drive seems to be a great idea to easily fit inside your wallet pocket. Moser Baer is a leader in manufacturing flash memory products and often keeps experimenting with different sizes and shapes of USB flash drives.

Moser Baer  Zap pocket flash drive is available in India with 4 GB and 8GB memory and weighs just 10.25 g and features a USB 2.0 direct plug and play interface which works with Windows and Mac. The credit card flash drive is priced at 1100 INR (4GB) and 1350 INR (8GB) and is available right now at an introductory price of 421 INR (4GB) and 502 INR (8GB) from the Moser Baer store. The credit card USB flash drive carries warranty of two years.

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