Amazon Global Free Super Saver International Shipping to India

Did you know AmazonGlobal Free Super Saver International Shipping Program promises free shipping to India if you buy eligible products worth $125 or more!

I have lots of books in my Amazon Wishlist, but the International Shipping Cost is very high as Amazon will charge $4.99 per item and $4.99 per shipment. Also there are a limited list of items likes books, CDs, DVDs, Kindle etc. which they will ship internationally.  So even if you decide to combine items in a single consignment, the cost for 5 books of any cost price will still come to nearly $30. In fact your purchased books might cost less than the international shipping costs.

international shipping rates

Though I have bought hard to find books many times from Amazon, the high shipping costs were discouraging. In fact, when I bought Kindle in India, they will also add import duties (but at least you can get Kindle in India – though Kindle is now available at Croma, Amazon will still not ship Kindle Paperwhite internationally).

Free International Shipping

Here are a set of 5 books I wanted to buy from Amazon, and got free shipping to India! Simply choose the Free AmazonGlobal saver options which will ship your books in 9-14 days.

free international shipping

As you proceed to checkout, the AmazonGlobal Saver discount refunds the Shipping and Handling charges.

AmazonGlobal super saver shipping

If you read the full details of the AmazonGlobal program, you find that there are some special terms for eligible products and getting free shipping. Its is important to ship to single address in India and group items into as few shipments as possible. Note that products weighing more than 20 pounds and over-sized products aren’t eligible for this deal. If you combine ineligible products, shipping will be charged for them. Be aware that import duties, handling fees etc may still apply and it is a good idea not to cancel orders so that the cost goes below $125.

After Amazon introduced Junglee in India, it turned out to be only a shopping search engine. This is actually an amazing step by Amazon to promote sales internationally. I am now more than eager to buy books at Amazon (though I prefer Flipkart locally), as they have the largest collection of hard to find books and free shipping makes it really easier. The delivery time delay is not much of an issue and practically speaking –  Amazon ships much-much faster than what it mentions. Get ready to buy now.

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