Turn On Firefox Facebook Messenger Now

Turn on Firefox Facebook Messenger and socially interact with Facebook friends while browsing the web. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers and it just made Facebook users more happy by helping them better engage with their Facebook community, by keeping them always connected in the sidebar.

Facebook Messenger for Firefox

facebook messenger firefox

Mozilla Firefox today partnered with Facebook to launch the Facebook Messenger for Firefox. Now you can chat with Facebook friends while you browse websites (without opening the Facebook page in a separate tab or window). Your Facebook updates, comments, photo tags and more interesting stuff will appear instantly in your Firefox sidebar as it is posted. It is indeed a better way to connect Facebook while browsing (not to mention distracting from your actual work).

This video will showcase some of the cool features and how the  Facebook Messenger for Firefox works.

To activate it, first visit Facebook Messenger for Firefox page and click “Turn On” now. Remember that to use this feature, get the latest version of Firefox, or it will prompt you to do so.

facebook messenger

If you want you can always disable it and minimize it into the browser toolbars with a single click, or remove it altogether if needed.

facebook messenger login

If you prefer to have a standalone software on your computer, you can download Facebook messenger for Windows.

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