How to Buy Amazon Kindle in India

Would you like to buy Amazon Kindle in India? I recently ordered a Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device and did you know they can quickly ship your Kindle to India and  hundreds of other countries, and manage the custom duties on imported goods also.

Buy Kindle in India

If you see their International Shipping rules – only books, music, DVD and VHS videos can be shipped to India. I visited the Kindle Page and was surprised to find new Shipping options for Kindle. I quickly spotted the  links on the right titled “Live Outside the US”  and pointed to  information specific to your country.

amazon outside USA

Upon clicking it., I instantly got options to visit a separate page to order Kindle in India.

amazon kindle in india

Only Graphite Kindle for India?

But as I went looking for a White Kindle on the India specific page, Amazon would show me options for  a Graphite Kindle only. I sent in emails to Amazon support as to why White Kindle was not available in India. They informed White Kindle is available with US adaptor (and USB cable), while the Graphite Kindle for International delivery ships with a USB cable only for charging the Kindle.

kindle india adaptor

It further prompted me to buy a local power adapter with $10 discount. Upon much browsing, I found a link where I could buy the White Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi and get it for India delivery (with a US adaptor of course, but it also had a USB cable). The site mentions the US adapter is 100-240V, so will work in India, if I grab a cheap international plug adapter. At least that allows me option to charge via a power source besides my computer. There are also many cheap USB power chargers which can do the trick.

White Kindle or Graphite Kindle?

I was confused to buy a White Kindle or Graphite Kindle,  and there seems to be ample discussion on this online. Graphite is the new color, and blends in the dark, while Mac addicts like the White Kindle better.

Anyway I chose Graphite Kindle finally as it is supposed to have better contrast, and seems to be the preference of many Kindle 3 latest generation users. I like the color over white so I chose it (remember the color is graphite, not black).

WiFi or 3G – Which Kindle to Chose?

I was tempted to buy the cheap Kindle Wi-Fi only model for $139, but I chose the Kindle Wi-Fi+3G because Amazon provides free 3G across 100 countries, with no annual contracts, no monthly fees. Your Kindle will download ebooks anywhere even without a wi-fi connection, anywhere, anytime. So I chose the Wifi+3G model that costed $189. Kindle DX was too large for my needs.

Pay Import Fees, Shipping Costs

As the Kindle checkout proceeded, I realized there were import duties to be paid also. The final checkout screen revealed additional shipping and handling charges of $20.98 and import duties of $73.94. But I wanted the Kindle and I agreed to pay $283.92 for the whole deal to ship the Kindle to my door in 7 days!

kindle import price

They ship by default priority international shipping, which delivers in 7-10 days (you cannot chose a slower cheaper delivery option). What are you waiting for – go on and Buy Kindle in India.

Update: The Kindle has arrived today – in 3 days only! See the Kindle unboxing photos

Update: We bought a Kindle lighted cover in India also – you can see the Kindle Cover unboxing photos.


  1. Abhijeet Mukherjee says:

    Pretty cool discovery! I’m not sure if the device is available in the secondary markets here. But getting it shipped right from Amazon is a good option for those who want to buy it and don’t mind the extra fee.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Amazon Kindle is not available in most markets I checked (poor demand?), unlike the iPad which you can still buy at premium prices (without bill or warranty) from many shopping plazas selling foreign goods.

      This is the best way to get the original, duty paid Kindle with full warranty.

  2. Siddanth A says:

    Wao that was fast… what else i can buy other books music video etc..any geeky gadgets i can buy ?

  3. Rahul @ MazaKaro says:

    i have never tried this actually , but soon i will !!! :)

  4. siddardha says:

    So the 3g works in india and is it free?

  5. siddardha says:

    Sorry i forgot to post in the previous comment are the free books available for free or as i heard will you be charged 2$ extra for every book(even the free one’s)

  6. pravin says:

    the only shameful part is the import fees.the sarkar wants its hafta even though it provides no services in this transaction between buyer and seller.GOI should remove tarrifs on goods which arent available locally atleast

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Import fees is definitely a large part of the cost of import to India.

    • Nadir says:

      Absolutely true. Kindle is no threat to any indian product yet the greedy politicians have to take their cuts.

      its the same with motorcycles import policy – they charge 150% duty on motorcycles of the capacity that are simply not made in India.

      The saddest thing about this is the accurate comment made by Pravin

      While they are happy to charge us this exorbitant fee, they in no part contribute to the ownership experience at all .

      its disgusting

  7. Ganesh says:

    If I ask someone from the USA to buy for me, will be able to access the Amazon store and buy books from it?

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      The kindle is not locked. It works on wifi and free 3G. But some books, blogs, newspapers and services are restricted in India. Do read the fine print.

  8. Raghavendra says:

    I bought the kindle online from Amazon, awaiting the delivery. In india there was an advert in ET 12 Nov for that sold the kindle for around 9K change.

  9. muralidharan says:

    I guess the amount is reduced now I ordered the new kindle 3 wifi 3g the details below:

    Item(s) Subtotal: $189.00
    Shipping & Handling: $20.98
    Total Before Tax: $209.98
    Estimated Tax To Be Collected: $0.00
    Import Fees Deposit $59.00
    Grand Total: $268.98

    which you mentioned $283

    What about 3g in INDIA? is it working how the performance of the kindle post your comments about that

    • Ganesh says:

      The import duties are approximately deducted at the time of purchase. later if they charged you more they will refund to your account.

      I have wifi only version, so no idea about 3G. But think it will be good provided you get the signal. If you dont, it will work on EDGE / GPRS

  10. dilip says:

    3G version works with GPRS also and it takes max 1 min for books to download. There are also 3 free games which u can play in kindle. Few other games are also there but they are paid. Best part is I can read any pdf directly or convert it into kindle format and read it.

  11. Preetam says:

    Nice to hear that…
    kindle is really a cool device
    I purchased it on 17 dec but it will reach between 12 – 24 jan 2011
    Total paid amount : 268.92

  12. mathew says:

    I ordered 3g kindle and its cover.Now the cover has come,by dhl courier,eventhough I paid importtax while purchasing, now dhl is asking for 800RS more for the cover. Kindle will be shipped after two weeks.
    Anybody faced such problem of additional payment?

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Amazon charges excess import fees and will refund the excess amount. It is surprising you get to pay extra to DHL.

  13. rekha says:

    The gadget looks good but are the books expensive?i heard that the starting price is 10 dollars. Does the kindle come with books preloaded?I hope someone answeres this.

  14. kshama says:

    the times online store advertises kindle wifi and 3g models–is it okay to order thru them

  15. Ravi says:

    Can some one tell me how is like to read with kindleas against a real book

  16. Kate says:

    This is bogus! They are buying from Amazon and selling here and hiding the extra charges!

    • Artur says:

      Dear All,
      I am foreigner working in India (Orissa).
      I need your advice.Please be so nice and let me know if I can be relaxed buying Kindle that the shipment will reach my address in India and will not disappear on the way. The Kindle is not 5 $ device so I am a bit worried if this expensive gadget will come to my hands as it was sent from USA. The comments above are confirming that there is nothing to worried about but please let me know your point of view

      • Harish says:

        You need not worry. I have my two kindle shipped to India. It reaches you within a week!

  17. Bhavit says:

    Hey Guys, nice to read your blog.

    I fail to understand why people are still buying the Kindly, when there are proper tablets available for a little more price.

    For USD 283 which is approx Rs. 13,000 I personally feel the Kindle isnt worth it.

    Kindle is dead technology, which they are trying to promote in “Developing countries” now.

    I bet with the launch of Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or other tablets lined up to be launched, the Kindle is history.

    I personally own a Galaxy Tab and am happy didnt buy the Kindle last time I visited London. I almost bought it though.

    Amazon Kindle for Android, is an app which lets me read all the Kindle e-Books on the Galaxy Tab.

    There are Magazines as well. India Today gets delivered to my Galaxy Tab and mind you – In Full Colour.

    I would advise people to invest a little more and get a Tablet. Or if it doesnt fit your budget, wait a couple of months.

    Tablets are getting cheaper and at least 10 – 15 new brands of tablets are expected by end of 2011.

    Happy Tabbing !

    • anhosn says:

      you know what kindle caters to a different market. It is a dedicated ebook reader with a display designed to read like paper. A person who reads a lot of books would find it useful. Tablets on the other hand are for people who consume a lot of multimedia content on the move. Further the display is not optimized for specifically reading purposes.
      So claiming that kindle is old tech doesn’t make sense.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Kindle has special eink technology that allows long hours of reading novels without eye strain. You cant read for hours on an Apple iPad or Galaxy Tab.

  18. Amit says:

    @Artur, The main problem is getting it stuck in customs, they send it via US Priority mail (I guess there will be no tracking number to track it in India. I haven’t received my 100$ parcel since more than 4 months and no info from our customs/postoffice and I can’t follow up as there is no tracking information. just I know that it has landed in india), I guess you can try more pricey and no warranty)

    Can anyone confirm if you get a tracking number where you can track the parcel?( I mean in India with status like – waiting for custom Clearance in XYZ office status update when it is in my city etc etc.)

    • Muralidharan says:

      Recently I bought kindle through Amazon., I am able to track clearly from Amazon site as well as DHL site.

      • QuickOnlineTips says:

        Thats right. You can find out exactly where your Kindle is while it is on its way via the Amazon account.

  19. shashank says:

    hi can u tell me from where i can get white kindle for shipment to india

  20. shashank says:

    can u plz send me the link from where i can order white kindle to india

    • Muralidharan says:

      We can order kindle in 3 ways US, UK, International. But for INDIA you can order through International. For International customer there is no white kindle.

      • QuickOnlineTips says:

        You can order white Kindle also. Go through the US page and do not select the Country India page. Then when you are through final shipping, your Kindle will automatically get the USB cable for International shipping.

  21. eguru says:

    instead of all radiation emitting devices can we get projector type devices which are better to eyes and we can take it handy to anywhere and focus on white screen or wall. where can we get such projecting devices at cheap rates.

  22. Rohit says:

    this is just gr88 news…i was looking for ways to get a kindle….this info gives me one option atleast…i will try to place online order if i dont get anyone coming soon from USA.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      You will save the shipping costs (free super saver shipping) and import duty fees if you ship it to a friend coming from USA.

  23. daredevil says:

    gr8 news….but can anyone tell me what happens if there is a problem with the device….i heard that amazon replaces it immediately but for that do i need to send it back to US? how much will this process cost me? and will i again have to go through all the customs and stuff? becoz again paying that 20$+60$ (when the new one returns) would add heavily to the cost!

  24. Mj says:

    How can we ship the white 3g Kindle to India with the US power adapter.
    when i go to checkout it shows it can’t be shipped to India.
    How did you do it?

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      See the article. Buy the white and then while checking out, use the international shipping. We bought a graphite one finally.

      • Mj says:

        Read the article already and all the comments as well.
        when i select the address to ship to and check out this is what it shows
        “Important Message
        Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, White, 6″ Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology cannot be shipped to the selected address. A non-US address was selected for this US-only Kindle. For the best wireless coverage and fastest shipping to India, please visit the non-US Kindle page and choose the country in which this Kindle will be used.”

  25. Mj says:

    Could you please try and see whether that option is still there, I would love to have a white Kindle and more imply a power adapter for free via which i can charge me ipod as well.

    Thanks in advance.

  26. ganesh says:

    Can I download books in India from kindle for free. if not free how much do i pay

  27. Kindle avid says:

    You can buy Free books if they are available to your country…

    Normally ebooks cost very low at

    visit Kindle store @

    Happy Reading..

  28. Hari says:


    1. Suppose a friend in US buy graphite Kindle and take it over to India for me. Can I use the Wi-Fi and 3G facilities and all other download options on it ? For these, I need to register in amazone ?The registration and buying can be done by two different persons, as in the above situation ?

    2. Can I attach an external hard disc or pen drive to Kindle and read my stored pdf and DJvu files on it ?

    3. Is it preloaded with e-texts ?

    4. DC Books in Kerala is offering an e-book reader costing around Rs.9000/-. What qualities should I look for in an e-book reader [as,for example,the e-ink pearl technology of Kindle] ?

  29. Himanshu says:

    Few questions

    1) How will any one replace battery in Kindle once they go bad (say after 1 yr)

    2) Native support for PDF is very restrictive.. There are lot of page flows issues.

    • tanya valade says:

      Just had a problem with a faulty battery. Impossible to replace in India and since my kindle is just over a year old Amazon’s only solution is to say “buy another” ! AMAZON is a lamentably BAD EXPERIENCE as far as I am concerned. 200 $ down the drain. So I’ll probably replace it with a Mac or Samsung who will give me after sales resolutions for any possible problems.

  30. vivekanand kohli says:

    Hi guys!
    Bought a wifi kindle from Amazon. Smooth process. Shipping took 3 days. Total cost 9600 Rs. Also no octroi charged for Pune.
    Also bougt a nook color from cart2india. They took 7 days to ship it and then another 11 days for it to reach me. Cost me 17100Rs plus Rs 45/- octroi. Just thought i’d share the info.

  31. Vivekanand Kohli says:

    Just received the covers I had ordered for the Kindle and Nook color. Good quality. Cost me approx USD 15/- including shipping. Used ebay seller skindigital from Hongkong. Delivery time 3 weeks.

  32. Pravin says:

    I have just purchase kindle online.
    It is most convenient for e-book reading only in English
    & some other foreign lenguage.Our rural language can not be kindle formatted.

  33. Dr Jayachandran says:

    I bought it from new york. it is not locked. working fine with free 3g wherever i go. wifi with 3g and cover cost me only 220 dollars. the tax of 20 dollars can be reclaimed from the us airport from where you are leaving

  34. Nag says:

    Thank you very much for complete post on Buying Kindle for Indians !

  35. Chintan says:

    can we read PDF books on kindle? is the experience of reading PDF books same as reading books bought from amazon?i have a huge collection of PDF books which i want to read

  36. ticdoctech says:

    Why buy a device for kindle alone ..Buy any android phone and kindle apps comes free with it …You get a device which has ebook reader and also smartphone with android OS.

  37. jas says:

    hi, i have a doubt, how is the payment made to Amazon, is it through indian credit / debit card or through a thrid party site? and what is the conversion rate charged / additional charges levied by the bank?

  38. Harsha K N says:

    I am planning to get 2 kindles from US through my friend, what do you suggest? anything i need to take care while getting it from US? Will they allow to get 2 kindles ? Thanks mate :)

  39. Kindle Buyer says:

    Thanks. Very helpful article.

    Does 3G work properly and free in India as well? I was told by some friends that it doesn’t work here.

    Also have you by any chance visited any other country with your kindle after buying and found the free 3G coverage working properly there?

    Thanks for the help.

  40. Amit says:

    Kindle is great ,It is really great to read books there ..Hope I will get soon ..Thanks for the tip

  41. Gnaesh says:

    The best deal is to buy Kindle with wifi and offers @ US$ 114. The offers is just a screen saver with ads and you can stop wifi when you don’t need it and use it far longer (20 days) per charge. Also I believe UK Amazon gives free shipping to India but you have to pay duty.

  42. Golu says:

    It is cheaper to get one from 20north

  43. Ram says:

    Cheapest I saw was from I recently bought from them I got it quickly delivered. Price included shipping anc customs. I think they have stock in India you can buy kindle in india from

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