My Kindle Lighted Leather Cover Unboxing [Photos]

Check out the unboxing photos of my new Kindle Lighted leather cover. After I shipped my Kindle to India, I was impressed by many best Kindle covers and best Kindle reading lights, so I decided to get the best of both in one case.

Kindle Lighted CoverFirstly, I chose the Kindle lighted cover because its the official Kindle cover case recommended by Amazon. So I thought Kindle will fit well with the original case, though it was a little more expensive than other Kindle cases there. Secondly, the Kindle lighted cover with the retractable LED reading light (which grabs power from the Kindle!) removed the need to carry and install a Kindle reading light everytime you need it.

I chose black Kindle color because it seemed to blend well with my graphite colored Kindle. You might also like the Burgundy cover which was my second choice, which also looks very nice and attractive.

I hope you didnt miss my Kindle unboxing photos. Now get a look at my new Kindle cover.

Kindle Lighted Cover Unboxing

Kindle Reading Light  Cover

The same frustation free packing. Excellent quality Kindle cover.

Kindle Reading Light  Cover

Amazon Kindle is boldly embossed on the band. The official seal.

Kindle Reading Light  Cover

The sling band pulls away easily to open the cover. Seems a little delicate at first, but then you get used to it. I guess you should not pull it more than needed.

Kindle Reading Light  Cover

When you open the cover, a nice soft suede feel is there. An instruction manual is inside.

Kindle Reading Light  Cover

Kindle Cover with integrated light – a users manual.

Kindle Reading Light  Cover

The booklight easily slides through on the top right corner with a click.

Kindle Reading Light  Cover

Kindle Reading Light  Cover

User instructions on how to fit the Kindle to the case, such that the Kindle can also supply power to the Kindle light. No batteries needed.

Kindle Reading Light  Cover

Finally my Kindle has a cover…

Kindle Reading Light  Cover

Well it is slightly bulky now, especially since the Kindle was so light and thin. But you can charge with the case. Thats good.

Kindle Light Quality

Kindle Reading Light  Cover

Some glare with a lot of tilt. But easy reading when you hold it correctly.

Kindle Reading Light  Cover

Kindle illumination with Room Light on

Kindle Reading Light  Cover

Kindle illumination with Room Light off

You can also buy the same Kindle Lighted leather cover from Amazon. So how much did it cost me to ship Kindle cover to India?

kindle cover shipping

Much more than I would have wished for. The $59.99 Kindle cover cost me $106.13 to ship to India with $20.98 Shipping fee and $25.16 import duty fees. But it was worth it.


  1. Jo Pearse says:

    This Kindle Lighted Cover is excellent and well designed, however it is very expensive. It is almost as much as a Kindle itself, the website offers a very similar product at a fraction of the cost at £17.95, which is much more reasonable I think you will agree. Would be interested to hear your comments on whether you think.
    Many thanks

  2. Harish says:

    Did they charge any other import duty in INDIA? Which courier service did amazon use? Did you pay anything at the time of delivery?

  3. Ratan says:

    Note that they ask only for a import fee deposit, not for import duty, do they return the deposit if no duty is charged?

  4. Angel Pagan says:

    this is a great unboxing review , keep up the good work

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