10 Best Kindle Reading Lights

Which are the best Kindle reading lights, easy to clip on and read in the dark. I bought my new Kindle and these are the popular Kindle reading lights which  make reading on Kindle easier even in the dark or while on long flight. Buy these Kindle Reading Lights on Amazon.

Best Kindle Reading Lights

lighted Kindle coverAmazon Kindle Lighted Leather Cover 
New official Amazon reading light cover which provides built-in LED light to provide even illumination from top of the Kindle cover. It has a premium leather exterior for a luxury feel, is lightweight and provides optimal protection for your Kindle. The cover is thin and can be folded back for one hand reading. Since the device draws power from the Kindle, reading lights require no extra batteries.

kindle light coverKindle Lighted Leather Cover (for Kindle Keyboard)
The new design seamlessly incorporates a reading light into the cover, so you can carry your Kindle wherever you go and always have a reading light with you. Simply pull the light out to illuminate Kindle when you need it, and slide it away to be invisible when you don’t. And since the light draws its power from Kindle, no batteries are needed. If you dont want to carry or buy a separate reading light, this is your best choice.  We bought this cover, so you can see the unboxing photos. Get more Kindle covers.

Kindle lightKandle by Ozeri II LED Book Light
Kandle by Ozeri is powered by 3 ultra bright lifetime X2 LEDs to distribute light evenly without creating glare or eyestrain.. Improved power button offers 3 levels of brightness from ultra bright to soft light for the perfect screen illumination. New patent-pending “WideLip” grip that does not block the screen on the Kindle, Sony Reader and other eBook readers. Double pivoting arms allows for easy positioning and adjustment for tailored screen illumination. Ultra portable and folds into a closed position where the LEDs are fully protected from scratches or breakage. Fits latest generation Kindle and all models, and other eBook readers. Exclusively warrantied by Ozeri to original purchaser.

Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On LightMighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light
The Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Light is a battery operated clamp-on accessory that is custom designed to illuminate your Kindle Wireless Reading device. Two Super LED lights in one head gives you the lighting power of 6 normal LEDs. You have the option of using one or two of the Super LED lights with just a simple tap of the proprietary sensor switch. The flexible neck allows you to position your lighting anywhere you want it.

Verso Clip-On Reading Light for KindleVerso Clip-On Reading Light
Bright, even LED light illuminates the Kindle screen without any “hot spots”. Flexible neck adjusts to eliminate reflection or glare. Clip designed for Kindle. Clip width and depth insure secure, stable connection to the Kindle without interfering with the screen.

Belkin Clip-On Reading Light for KindleBelkin Clip-On Reading Light
Compact, powerful clip-on light for your Kindle. Three Super LEDs give off a warm reading light (as bright as six regular LEDs). Two brightness settings for your convenience. Fully adjustable arm allows the light to be positioned in almost any angle. Slim design for easy storing and carrying. Lamp head designed to tuck into the clip for easy storing and carrying. Ultra-wide clip provides a strong, secure grip. 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Verso Rechargeable Arc Light for KindleVerso Rechargeable Arc Light
The Arc Light features a USB rechargeable battery and patent-pending cuffs designed to slide onto your e-reader and stay in place. The light’s curved arm glides up into the “on” position, casting bright, glare-free light without any adjustment. Interchangeable cuffs designed to fit your Kindle securely and works with Kindle 1, 2, 3 and DX. Arcing neck glides up into “on” position and down for “off” and storage. Recharges using USB to micro-USB cable (included). Rechargeable battery (included) provides 15 hours of light on a single charge.

ereader lightSolis e-Reader Light for Kindle
Crafted from a single block of brushed aluminum, the sleek contours of the light ensure that the Solis does not distract from your reading experience. The rigid base of the Solis is specifically designed to securely rest at the top of the Kindle while still allowing easy on and off. The Solis base is a complementary colour and style to the graphite Kindle. With a lighted arm that swings out over the page, the Solis is angled to provide maximum illumination without glare. Since the Solis sits on the top edge of the latest Kindle, it does not interfere with book-style Kindle covers.

Verso Rechargeable Wrap Light for KindleVerso Rechargeable Wrap Light
1 powerful LED delivers bright, even light. Interchangeable cuffs designed to fit your Kindle securely and works with Kindle 1, 2, 3 and DX. Flexible neck directs light where you want it and wraps around base for storage. Rechargeable battery provides 15 hours of light on a single charge. Recharges using USB to micro-USB cable (included)

LightWedge Flex Neck Clip-On Reading Light for KindleLightWedge Flex Neck Clip-On Reading Light
2 powerful LEDs provide bright, even light. Flexible neck points light wherever you need it. Head fits in clip for convenient storage and travel. Requires 2 replaceable CR2032 batteries (included). Make any low-light reading situation brighter by using the Flex Neck to illuminate your Kindle in bed or on-the-go.

Which one do you like? I have ordered mine and will let you know in the next post. Of course you need to Buy Kindle first. While choosing your Kindle accessories, I hope you have already chosen from the 15 best Kindle cases.  Read more articles about Kindle.

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