My New Amazon Kindle Unboxing [Photos]

I recently did buy Amazon Kindle in India, and now see the Kindle unboxing photos which I am eager to share with you. If you already own a Kindle, then it’s probably nothing new to you, but for the prospective buyer, these will encourage you to buy Kindle.

The Kindle shipped to Delhi in 3 days by DHL Courier. I confess the package size was much smaller than I expected.
Kindle Package in India

Neatly packed in Amazon’s typical Frustration Free Packing. Reads “Assembled in China” and has many Amazon logos.
Amazon Frustration Free Packing

Here is the first look at my Amazon Kindle, covered by clean plastic film.
Amazon Kindle: First Look

So what lies beneath the Kinde?

Beneath the Kindle

It’s the Kindle Quick Instruction manual
Kindle Instruction Manual

Here is the USB charge cable with US power adaptor (read more about my deal)
Kindle USB Cables

So where is the power button – you must slide it, don’t press!
Kindle power buttons

And I turn on the Amazon Kindle. BTW that is our first uploaded video on the QOT Youtube channel. Subscribe and expect more videos soon.

Amazon thanks me.
Kindle First Message

To my surprise, free 3G actually activated instantly on Kindle in India. The battery is also 3/4 charged (which should last for 20 days with wireless off!)
Kindle Free 3G

Congratulations. I am proud Kindle owner.
First congrats message

The manual guided me about the Kindle buttons and features.
Kindle buttons

Now putting my Kindle to sleep to wake another day.
Kindle Sleep

You can see more Kindle Images on the QOT Flickr Channel. What are you waiting for – Buy Kindle today. if you liked this post, share a comment.


  1. रवि says:

    Any review about Indian (Hindi) language support? If ti is there, I may buy one ASAP.

    • Aravind says:

      There is no support for Hindi language in the Kindle.

      • Vikash says:

        There is a ebook reader called pi on with support for Indian languages. You may want to check it out.

        • Arun says:

          Thats a cheap made in taiwan cousin of kindle.
          Poor navigation options, low on features. Don’t buy it. I screwed up my 10K on it!!!

  2. Roland says:

    Heya, Nice pictures, clear and good looking, congratulations on your new kindle. Do make more pictures of the text on screen. Your pictures are better than those on the site.

  3. Naveen Kulkarni @ Winning Ideas says:

    This is awesome. Kindle is truly a gift for book lovers.
    Nice pictures.

  4. Jessica says:

    Hope you never stop! This is one of the best blogs I have ever read. You have got some mad skill here, man. I just hope that you don’t lose your style because you are definitely one of the coolest bloggers out there. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    WOW !!! I am jealous…Wish I had one…But I am not sure if I will prefer e-reader to the actual paperbacks..But I can read a lot of pdfs

  6. Kathleen says:

    This was exactly what I would expect to get. I was uneventful which is what I like. I do not like complications. Thanks for the unboxing.

  7. isti says:

    nice info with good video. hope you enjoy reading with it. most people find it hard.

  8. Aurangzaib Qumbrani says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos, I’m definitely going to buy this one! :)

  9. Kindle2B says:

    Great article, as the Amazon Kindle itself is 190 mm x 123 mm x 8.5 mm in dimensions, can you provide me an approximate dimensions of the package delivered by Amazon?

  10. Ninad says:


    Want to buy a Kindle. Just require a piece of advice as i have never ordered anything from with shipping in India. Is this hassle free shipping or do we have to visit the post office/custom office to get the kindle.
    The cost of the Kindle in Rs is the same if bought from indiatimes or rediff may be a difference of Rs.500/+ or -. But the support/service reviews of these both are bad

    Your opinion/advice required


  11. Amit says:

    So the 3G actually works and you dont have to pay anything for that?

  12. sandeep says:

    Thanx,interesting photos there…

    I want to buy a kindle3 3g+Wifi.I’ve a friend in US,coming to India.I’m confused as to which one to have him purchase: a US edition kindle 3G (or) an International edition Kindle 3G in order to enjoy the internet access in India (Please clarify).
    I believe a power adapter is included only in the US edition.
    I’ll be awaiting your valuable advice.

  13. Akshay says:

    how is the 3G working? Speed, coverage etc.?

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