5 Link Building Mistakes

Link Building is an important aspect of any website SEO campaign. Lots have been written about it and that’s why we are not going to discuss here “how to get backlinks for your site “. As clear from the title of post, we are concentrating on things which should be avoided during link building campaign.

Why does anyone try to increase the backlinks? Obviously to increase SERP of site and to improve SEO and page rank. But what if same process acts in the other way? Wrong link building strategy can really hamper your site in search engine rankings. So while increasing backlinks try to avoid the these basic mistakes

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1. Same/Single Anchor Text

In link building tips you will always find to use anchor text and put your keywords in anchor text. But what if you start using single anchor text in each link building technique e.g commenting, forum signature etc?

Search engines algorithms are much refined and smarter now. It would signal that they are not the natural links, rather they are manipulated for improving search engine ranking for a specific keyword. So use a set of anchor texts instead of using single anchor text.

2. Rapid Increase in Backlinks in Short Period

There are many link building companies offering their paid services to increase the inlinks in short time. By using such services your links might increase in a short time but again would it be look natural that you have 1000 links at start of January and 10000 links at the end of January?  Obviously, no.

So if it’s not looking natural to you, same is the case with the search engines. Link building is an ever going process and should be increased at natural pace.

3. Major Chunk of Links from Single Site

Your link should be well distributed over different WebPages. I have personal experience of it. My blog was having Google Page Rank 2 after few months of its creation; it was free Blogger hosted blog at that time, I tried to increase the inlinks by joining a SEO forum and took part actively on the forum and after few days my links increased, but at next Google pagerank update my blog rank came down to zero. After trying to asses what has happened actually, I came to the conclusion that it’s because my major inlinks (about 90%) came from a single site.

4. Excessive Link Exchange

Link exchange is another link building technique in which two publishers exchange their links to have good ranking. Do not exchange link excessively as it will not look natural. Google Matt Cutts said in an interview that

“At first we said avoid the reciprocal links. Really, what you need to do is avoid the excessive reciprocal links. So we added the word excessive.

Because, if you look at the Google directory, which is like the open directory in Dmoz except with PageRank and the Yahoo directory, it’s almost certain that Google links to Yahoo and Yahoo links to Google on some level.”

So one can exchange the link but if your site has excessive links to sites which have your links, then it can cause trouble.

5. Excessive Links from Low Rank Sites

Its one of the basic things in link building that a link from a quality site is better than 100 links from low rank sites. So try to get the quality link by using methods like interesting and topic related comments, writing guest posts etc. It’s better to invest time to have the permanent quality links rather than to waste hours in getting low links.

Guest Author Zeeshan is the owner and author of eTipsLibrary. He loves to read the things about blogging and write tips for people who love blogging. Image credits to stuant63 under CC license. You can also guestblog here.

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