Attract Big Site Traffic With This Little Used (FREE) Traffic Technique

Use this traffic technique to make money and build traffic as quick as possible. You can start today, and even make money today… This article will discuss a technique that can still be used to gain free, extremely targeted, continuous, good converting traffic to whatever site or affiliate link you choose.

Yahoo Answers Marketing

It’s about marketing using Yahoo Answers. I know, this was all the rage in 2007, yet no-one talks about it any more. Not sure why, it still works very well. I can only assume that it’s gone ‘out of style’ :)

Still… This can only be a good thing. It means there are lot less competitors for those who are prepared to put in a little effort. Keep reading to find out how to get this technique working for you with only 20 minutes work a day, and how to ‘scale up’ to make the big bucks.  Here’s a basic guide:

Choose your niche

This is can be quite difficult. Striking the balance between a niche that you’re passionate about, versus a niche that people are spending money in, versus finding products that convert well can be difficult.

I find the best (and quickest) way to choose a niche is to go through the categories in the ClickBank marketplace. Find one that sparks your interest (enough that you could write about every day), then look through the category for products that you could honestly recommend, and are proven to convert.

Getting started

To begin answering questions, log yourself in, browse *Open Questions*, make sure the tab says ‘Open’, then look through the categories to find the niche you’re concentrating on.

yahoo answers open

Or, to narrow it down, click on the ‘Answer’ icon, put the question or keyword related to your niche in the search box (for our example niche, I put ‘sleep naturally’ as a search). Make sure ‘Keyword Match’ is set to questions, and question status is set to ‘Open Questions’, then click the ‘Apply’ button.

Note: Turns out that the insomnia niche is quite good. There are a lot of similar questions to answer, and some decent info products to promote.

Answering the questions

Here’s where you need to mark yourself as a helpful human being – not a spammer – and not someone who is only there to make money. Be as detailed as you can in your answer, but leave them hanging a little bit so they will click the link you suggest to read more information.

After answering your question, put your link in the “What’s your source?” box. (More about creating links in the section below).

Don’t be surprised that your links aren’t clickable, as they won’t become ‘live’ until you reach level 2 with your profile. This can be achieved in a few days – you need 250 points to reach level 2, so try and answer the best you can to get more points for achieving ‘best answer’.

Create a landing page

Many will be tempted to simply make a redirect to an affiliate link. This can work, but is not always as effective as a landing page. Directing traffic from a social media platform to a raw sales page rarely converts. Therefore, you need to presell a little.

The best way to do this is invest in a domain name. $9 on a domain, and a little for hosting wont break the bank. Alternatively, you could create a free blog.

To make creating the landing pages quick, you could simply use content from the ‘affiliate tools’ section that most info-product affiliate programs provide. You could even use a ‘swipe email’, and modify it for web content.

Better still, create more than one landing page for certain questions. After you’ve been providing different answers for a few days, you’ll notice the same questions crop up time and time again. Copy the answers to these questions onto a notepad file, and make a landing page for each of them.

Using a blog platform will make this easy. Simply add the specific answer to it’s own post or page, and end it with a recommendation to the affiliate product.

Try to make sure the post/page contains the answer in it’s title. To show the effectiveness of this, imagine what would get the highest click-thru rate on the following url’s if someone asked the question: “Are there any natural herbs that help you sleep?”

I know which one I’d click on… As for the content on the landing page, I’d put a couple hundred words about some herbs that may help, but then say it would be far more beneficial for the visitor to check out this cool guide to natural sleep, as it goes into far better detail (affiliate product).

Of course, you don’t need to create a page for every question, just the frequently asked ones. For other questions, just pointing to the main domain would be sufficient.

Do it this way, and you’ll show yourself as a very helpful person, and it’s also far more likely you’ll be voted ‘best answer’. A little extra time well invested.


Here’s where most people fall down. Once answering questions gets a little boring, attention spans drift, and the work simply doesn’t get done.

To remedy this, set yourself a certain amount of questions each day to answer. This can be as little as 5, and you’ll still get traffic and conversions. In fact, I’d recommend doing any amount of answers in blocks of 5, then having a break.

If you have a text file of answers, and are getting to know the niche, 5 questions can be answered within 20 minutes.

Scaling for big money

A couple of points to ‘scale up’ your income and traffic with Yahoo Answer marketing.

1. If you’ve found a niche with a ton of questions every day, outsource some answering. Hire someone from a freelancing site to create their own answers account and answer questions in the same niche, with either the same presell site or a different one pointing to your links.

2. Enter multiple niches. Sometimes there are not enough questions per day to answer in one niche. Try entering more than one, perhaps on different accounts. In fact, there is software out there that can aggregate questions to answer, and let you switch accounts on a different proxy with a click of a button.

As you can see, Yahoo Answer marketing can be a profitable money and traffic maker with practically no costs, and as little as only 20 minutes work a day.

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