Meet Our OneTrueFan

If you like the concept of Foursquare and Gowalla, then OneTrueFan is like check in for websites. I have been playing the ‘game’ for a week now and really got to get a new insight into site visitors and became One True Fan of some big websites by simply visiting them.

You can simply login via Twitter authentication and start using OTF right away. You need to install a Google Chrome extension, which creates a small floating bar at the bottom of webpages, which lets you auto-check in to websites. There are lot of options to disable the bar on some websites, prevent auto-check-in and get extra points by sharing links. Once you visit a site enough times you become a fan, and the maximum visits will get you the title of OneTruFan.

Who is the OneTrueFan of QOT? Meet Daniel Rust @dlrust from Seattle, who is the CTO and Co-founder at DevHub / EVO Media Group.

onetrufan bar

Many QOT Players are active on our site and I can spot Andre Arnett, panah, theMediaDude, Marci Rosenblum and Ryan T Hopkins. Thanks for visiting QOT and sharing our stuff. You can also become a OTF of QOT and get featured in the fans list and players list.

onetrufan players

Check our activity on We have become OTF for many websites.  We have won 3 badges and there are many more waiting to be unlocked. Its fun and be sure to check it out.


  1. Paula says:

    This is very fine and easy to do. I hope that I will get alot out of it. You are always keeping me in the know on all of this cool stuff.

  2. Rick says:

    I do not agree with everything that the guys said on the video. I think that google is very good. I have had nothing but success with it.

  3. Eric Marcoullier says:

    Rick — I don’t remember what I said in the article and I refuse to watch myself on video, so help a brother out. What did we say about Google that you disagree with?

  4. best friend quotes says:

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