5 iPhone Apps That Help Save Money

Here are 5  iPhone Apps to help you Save Money. Just because you are paying $80 a month for your iPhone, doesn’t mean you can’t save money. Take advantage of free and cheap iPhone applications that can help you find the best deals and cut down expenses with little effort.

iPhone Apps to Save Money

iPhone apps1. ZipList

Have you ever returned home from the grocery store only to realize you forgot something? Then you have to make a trip all the way back, wasting both time and gas money. This is exactly the situation that you can avoid with ZipList.

The app is completely free, and it’s basically an enhanced virtual shopping list. Whenever you run out of something, just add it to the list. This can help you cut down on impulse buys at the grocery store. The application also lets you take pictures of products to scan barcodes, which allows you to add things to your list without even typing them in.

2. Gas Buddy

At $2.99, Gas Buddy is one of the more expensive iPhone apps out there, but if you drive a lot, it will save you enough money to make up for the initial cost. This app uses GPS technology to show you which gas stations have the lowest prices.

Instead of driving around looking for the cheapest gas or wasting money using the first gas station you find, Gas Buddy can help you save some pocket change at the gas pump. While it may seem silly to use an app to save a few cents per gallon, this can add up to hundreds of dollars of savings over just one year, especially if you commute to work with your car.

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3. Yowza Mobile Coupons

Whether you clip coupons from the Sunday paper or print out web coupons, this free iPhone application will make your life a whole lot easier. The app uses GPS to find sales and specials in your area, so you save time searching for the next big bargain.

You can even use Yowza when you travel; just plug in a different destination, and you cut down your extra spending by saving money on local hotels or restaurants. With mobile coupons, you’ll never get an annoying paper cut again.

4. BillMinder

Between cable, utilities, rent, and credit cards, most people have plenty of bills with different deadlines to juggle each week. It’s not always easy to stay on top of things when you’re busy working, doing errands, and having a social life. Most bills can be paid automatically online, but not all companies are up to speed with Automatic Bill Pay. Even worse, you may not have enough funds in your account to pay automatically each month.

In either case, BillMinder is a iPod app that costs only 99 cents, and it gives you an easy-to-read list of your upcoming bills each month. To prevent you from forgetting about overdue bills and then paying late fees, BillMinder is a useful personal finance tool.

5. Spend

While “Spend” may seem like an ironic name for a money-saving iPod app, it actually is a useful tool for managing your budget and analyzing your spending habits. The first step to saving money is to understand how you spend it. This app helps you budget your income so you can see your spending patterns.

It then lets you adjust your budget according to your priorities. For example, if you notice you are spending too much money on entertainment each weekend, set up a specific amount you feel comfortable allocating to entertainment and stick to it using the app.

Stop crunching numbers and burning out your calculator; these iPhone applications do the work for you. If you already have an iPhone, these affordable apps can save you both time and money.

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