PSY Gangnam Style YouTube Video Hits 1 Billion Views: Most Viewed Video Ever

Gangnam Style YouTube video by PSY is the most viewed video ever and first YouTube video to cross 1 billion views! Even popular celebrities find it difficult to cross millions of youtube views, but the immense international popularity of this catchy music video enabled it to cross a billion views.

Gangnam Style YouTube Video

gangnam style video crossed billion views

Just in case you are on the other side of the billion viewers, view Gangnam Style video by PSY below.

But what is most incredible is that this sensational music video took only 5 months to achieve this online record!  Justin Beiber videos topped Lady Gaga videos several times as the most watched videos on Youtube. But this video has topped even Beiber’s wide popularity which is now #2 at over 800 million views.

It has over 6 million likes on Youtube and the PSY channel is subscribed by over 2 million people. Though PSY was popular in Korea, Youtube has made him a global music sensation as social media fans continue to share and like the video.

Dance Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style YouTube Video has inspired a whole new generation to dance like PSY. If you want to dance like K-Pop phenomenon ‘Gangnam Style’, this guide teaches you how.

View thge PSY’s 2nd Version of  Gangnam style featuring Hyuna, which became very popular too as the female version of this video and crossed 200 million views by itself!

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