Free Flickr Pro Upgrades for Non-profit Organizations

Do you need a free Flickr Pro Account? Some lucky Non-profit Organizations can get a free Flickr Pro account. Flickr has partnered with TechSoup, a US-based non-profit technology training service, to donate 10000 1-year Flickr pro accounts for good causes.

Free Flickr Pro Accounts

The initiative is called Flickr for Good. Techsoup explains details about the Flickr Donation Program. The pro accounts are available in packages of either two or five accounts, which organizations must assign to individuals over 18 years of age, and the accounts will remain assigned to those individuals even if they leave the organization.

Flickr is a popular site for photo storage, sharing, and organization. With a Flickr account, individuals can showcase and chronicle their organization’s work through their own photography. Flickr members can store all their photographs of their organization’s work in one place if they have the legal right to do so. Account holders can upload photos to Flickr from anywhere in the world.

The Flickr Pro Upgrade is otherwise charged at $24.95 a year and comes packaged with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited photo sets, unlimited uploads, permanent archiving and photo stats.

Currently this program is only available to qualifying non-profit organizations who are duly registered as such in Canada, and USA. Till then you can also give the Gift of Flickr, a worthy gift for bloggers.

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