10 Best Gift Ideas for Bloggers

Its the holiday season and you might want to send a gift to your favorite blogger to let them know you care. As I sat around wondering what gifts might a blogger like… it was not a box of chocolates, a pen drive, or an ipod – bloggers seek different gifts.

Blogger Gifts

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10 Best Gifts for Bloggers

1. Donate Money – Many bloggers have a paypal donate button on their site to reward them for the useful articles you read daily, to support web hosting costs or maybe pay for code development of that powerful wordpress plugin that runs your site. Send in an Amazon gift certificate. Or buy a product through their affiliate links (anonymous gift). Some bloggers do not prefer such donate buttons, may want you to buy them beer or a coffee maybe. You can also buy advertising on their site.

2. Buy What They Wish – Instead of gifting cash, you can locate their Amazon wish list and buy them a gift item from there. Gift them something they truly want and like. Are they looking for free conference tickets, blogging books, a Flickr Pro account, or a Mybloglog Pro upgrade?

3. Sponsor a Professional Web Design – Your favorite blog may require a professional web redesign job to make it more SEO optimized, professional looking and get in more traffic. Remember professional web designers are not cheap, but they can create a unique web presence. Or gift them a custom unique professional wordpress template.

4. Sponsor a Professional Logo – Short of gifting an expensive web design service, you can present them a cool new logo via a professional logo designer. That will bring up a new professional branding for them at cheap logo designing costs. See how I got my free logo.

5. Offer Limited Invites / Coupons – You can send them a Google Adwords Promotion code and help them get free advertising across the blogosphere. Or gift them a Blogads invite and open up a new revenue source for them. Offer them that cheap discount coupon you kept for yourself and never used.

6. Bookmark on Social Networks – Share some great recent content from your favorite blogger on social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Del.icio.us and send in some extra traffic their way. If your story makes it to the front page, since you were the first to bookmark the site, they know you gifted them the traffic. Do not spam. (e.g. Will I forget who sent us to the del.icio.us frontpage)

7. Link to Them, Send Free Traffic – Add your favorite blog to your sidebar blogroll, offer a free advertising button for a month or link to some recent interesting article they wrote. The pingback lets them know you like them. The free traffic and publicity is always welcome.

8. Write a Free review article – So you write paid reviews (like with Reviewme) as an alternate blogging income source to get rich. Write a great review about your favorite blog for free. Make your blogger friend more famous. It never goes unnoticed.

9. Invite to Guest Blog / Interview – Another way to indirectly gift free traffic to bloggers is by inviting them to guest blog on your blog, or conduct a nice interview with them. Gift them some limelight.

10. Offer Your Product / Service for Free – If you offer a professional service like blog consulting, SEO seminars, internet marketing package, paid software etc… offer them for free. It will be well appreciated, and if they like it might generate more sales for you.

Ok… I said there were 10 ideas, but this one is the best …

11. Say Thank You – Thank a blogger by email or posting a comment on their site and let them know how much you have learned from their advice and how it made a difference to your blogging habits and income. Or how about sending an e-greeting card. A few kind words can mean bigger than any material gift. Be genuine. It shows.

What did you gift your Blogger friend?

3 comments on “10 Best Gift Ideas for Bloggers

  1. My Linh Duong says:

    As a blogger myself, this post is wonderful..some excellent ‘gifts’ all bloggers would appreciate!

  2. entrepreneur says:

    Gifts are considered to be a great marketing trick that allows bloggers to raise interest of users and attract more traffic to a website. The information about gifts is quickly spread in web, so you will quickly get traffic and links to a blog.

  3. Richard says:

    Have you thought of getting some personalised gifts? Getting something that is personalised shows you have put some time and thought into getting a gift!

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