QuickStrap: Free Minimalist Bootstrap Theme

QuickStrap WordPress theme is a free lightweight 3-columns responsive Bootstrap theme, Font Awesome preloaded, full-width page options, footer widgets, SEO optimized, fast loading, easy to customize WordPress theme.

QuickStrap WordPress Theme

Why QuickStrap Bootstrap Theme

Bootstrap Starter Theme – Powered by the best mobile-first responsive front end development code. It provides fast loading and error-free, yet beautiful WordPress design experience which can be easily customized.

Font Awesome preloaded – This is the best icon font to replace all icon images with a fast-loading single font file for beautiful web designs.

Fast Loading – Minimal clean code ensure the theme is fast loading as much as possible. Load up some default widgets, which are cached automatically and you still have a quick loading site.

3 Columns – 2-3 column templates help to accommodate, fit and blend content much better. The theme will also let you fit in advertisements, text links easily in any part of the sidebars.

Widget Ready – Widget ready sidebars are ready to be loaded with widgets. Simply go to Presentation>Widgets and load up you favorite widgets right into the sidebar. The current theme displays the Recent Articles RSS feed and Recent Comments widgets in 2 widget sidebars.

Free – Like all WordPress goodness, released under a GPL License.

No Spam – The template has been thoroughly checked to be free of any hidden links and bug codes. You can be assured you download a clean theme.

SEO optimized – Theme has been designed to make it as search engine friendly as possible to help you get more site traffic and higher search engine ranking for your articles.

Browser Compatible – Tested on latest versions with IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari for compatibility and design issues.

Plugins Compatible – Tested and retested to support the most common plugins.

Ad Ready – The template files have commented on areas where you can easily add your advertisements and easily customize the template.

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