QuickPress WordPress Theme | SEO Optimized | Fast Loading

QuickPress is a 3-column, widget-ready, fast loading, SEO-optimized, Adsense ready WordPress theme which is very useful for all types of bloggers. It’s for free use and with free lifetime support.

QuickPress wordpress theme

Why use QuickPress WordPress Theme?

2- 3 Columns – three column templates help to accommodate, fit and blend content much better than 1 or 2 Column themes. The theme will also let you fit in advertisements, text links easily in any part of the sidebars. You can easily switch to 2-columns by removing the lower sidebars.

Widget Ready – Two widget ready sidebars are ready to be loaded with widgets. Simply go to Presentation>Widgets and load up your favorite widgets right into the sidebar. The current theme displays the Recent Articles RSS feed and Recent Comments widgets in 2 widget sidebars.

Fast Loading – Minimal clean code ensure the theme is fast loading as much as possible. Load up some default widgets, which are cached automatically and you still have a quick loading site.

SEO optimized – theme has been designed to make it as search engine friendly as possible to help you get more site traffic and higher search engine ranking for your articles.

Gravatar ready – Choose gravatar display options from WP Admin.

WordPress  Compatible РCompatible to support features of the latest WordPress version. Support for comment threading, paging and stickies.

Valid XHTML and CSS – The theme has been thoroughly checked for XHTML and CSS validity and its ready to go with any browser and platform.

Spam Free – the template has been checked to be free of any hidden links and bug codes.

Plugin Compatible – Tested and retested to support most plugins.

Browser Compatible – Tested on latest versions with IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari for compatibility and design issues.

Top navigation – Your own set of links, ads highlighted at the top of the page.

Free Lifetime Support – ask your queries and get them answered for free. We help you use and optimize QuickPress for as long as you use it.

FREE – like all WordPress goodness, released under a GPL License.

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