Download Internet Explorer 8 Beta

The latest version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 Beta (IE8) is now available for download. Internet Explorer, 8 Beta 1 is a developer preview for web designers and developers to help prepare their websites for the launch of the final release Internet Explorer 8.

Internet Explorer 8 introduces a new way to seamlessly experience the best of the web whether you are a web developer writing to standards or a user discovering a new online service. Be one of the first developers to take advantage of improvements in Internet Explorer 8 for your websites and applications. Check the release notes.

New Features in IE8

Safety Filter – building on the success of the Phishing Filter, continues to block known Phishing sites and now blocks sites known to contain malicious software that could harm users’ computers or steal their information.

Favorites bar (Links bar makeover) to enable users to associate this bar as a place to put and easily access all their favorite web content such as links, feeds, WebSlices and even Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

WebSlices is a new feature for websites to connect to their users by subscribing to content directly within a webpage. WebSlices behave just like feeds where clients can subscribe to get updates and notify the user of changes.

Activities are contextual services to quickly access a service from any webpage. Users typically copy and paste from one webpage to another.

Download IE8

IE8 aims to deliver full CSS 2.1 support, better scripting performance, and HTML5 support in the final IE8 product. If you decide to go testing, get the Microsoft Report a Webpage Problem Internet Explorer Add-on that allows the user to submit a report to Microsoft for webpages they believe are having rendering problems, scripting errors, or various other types of problems.

Internet Explorer 8 can be installed on Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2). Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 will not install on prerelease versions of Windows Vista SP1 or on checked versions of Windows. Download here.


  1. mayooresan says:

    I was pretty happy with IE 7, specially the interface. Today with high expectations I installed the IE 8. There are many problems. Its not stable like the previous versions. It hangs all the time!

    I dont know why the Microsoft is so keen on copying the firefox. When we run the IE 8, it opens 2 taps just like firefox.

    Did you see firefox beta 3? I think soon IE gona loose the battle with firefox!

  2. Shishir Singh says:

    I would like to download internet explorer-8 to give a new and modern look to my computer.

  3. Muhammad Usman says:

    I want to download inter net explorer 8 beta because he is wonderfull !

  4. scf says:

    There’s a new release version for IE 8 Beta now..Its IE 8 Beta 2. I hope issues from previous Beta version will be fixed with Beta 2 especially when running a secure page(https://), my computer hangs and IE 8 crashes, hope it will be ok now with beta 2..I will try to search online to dowload 8…And yeah, its true, Firefox seems to dominate now the browser arena…but watch out also for Google Chrome….

  5. Mike says:

    IE8 is now advertised on Yahoo’s homepage. I assumed it would be a stable version. I installed it, the installation got stuck. Now XP won’t start anymore except in safe mode. I am so over MS and releasing unstable versions and advertising it as a finished product. Once I fix XP, I will uninstall IE and just use Firefox. I had enough, thank you…

  6. jency adescart says:

    I want to download inter net explorer 8 beta because he is wonderfull !

  7. shailendra kumar says:

    downloading internet explorer 8

  8. Joshua says:

    I like windows

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