How to View High Resolution YouTube Videos

If you have high speed broadband, why not watch high resolution youtube videos. YouTube is a popular video sharing site where hundreds of videos are shared and viewable in low resolution to cater to low bandwidth internet connections. But here is how you can switch to his resolution…

View high resolution youtube videos

Normally the youtube url looks like the one below which gives you low resolution 320×240 videos.

Simply add &fmt=6 onto the end of url

Now you should see high resolution videos. If no change is observed, then it means the video has not been converted to the higher resolution yet. View the video in full screen mode to see the difference.

If you add &fmt=18 to the end of url.

Now it will play the high-resolution 480×360 MP4 high-bandwidth videos with higher quality audio when available, otherwise it will play the regular version. Give it a try.

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  1. ben says:

    WOW! amazing trick mate… keep em coming… anyway to do it for the other sites? dailymotion maybe?

  2. Computer Talk says:

    Great! I got my PC linked to my HDTV… Looks much better

  3. kenbo says:

    Or…. You could just click the “Watch this in Hi-Def” link just underneath the video! Much simpler.

  4. Amy says:

    Wow. Thanks! That is a great tip!!! Glad I stumbled upon it!!!

  5. ash says:

    really great tip, but can u get any url alterations for or


  6. TJ @ Smartblogtips says:

    nice tip. very useful for clips which have a better resolution. as said, its best noticable when viewing in fullscreen mode


  7. timo says:

    please tell me how to get it into my homepage in high quality mode. it doesn’t work with this trick here !

  8. Floris says:

    Please update article, since youtube changed to widescreen and users can go to their user control panel and select ‘watch in high def’

  9. Hasam Panezai says:

    I am Student I ask you a question that how to view a video and channal on my web site by html?

  10. Imran says:

    I want suggesion another website addresses for high resolution video.

  11. High Def TV says:

    Who designed your page? Looks great! Is it a free template you are using?

  12. sagar chaudhary says:

    never get tired untill you make the last attempt
    never last attempt untill you achieve success

  13. merlett says:

    Thank you for that Trick! It also works with the VLC 1.1.0 Player! Just STRG +C the youtube url and you can STRG +V it in the VLC add &fmt=18 and it changes the resolution!

  14. shaikabdurrakib says:

    Oh what a great idea! I have learn many special technic by seen this tutorial.

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