Amazing YouTube Video Tools Collection

youtube logoThis is a collection of the best Youtube tools, hacks, mashups and top ways to download Youtube videos. YouTube is the most popular site to share your favorite videos. Recently YouTube was acquired by Google for a few billion dollars. Here is a collection of several YouTube third party tools which enhance your YouTube experience.

Save and Download YouTube Videos

  • KeepVid – Download videos direct from most video sites like YouTube.
  • Save YouTube Videos – paste the youtube video url and download the video.
  • Delutube – Lets you view deleted Youtube videos.
  • TubeSock – grabs YouTube videos from the web and copies them to your video iPod, Mac, or PlayStation Portable.
  • VideoDL – is a quick AJAX application that allows you to download online video into your computer. It supports top 3 video sites – YouTube, Google Video, and
  • Download YouTube via bookmarklets – A collection of Greasemonkey scripts and bookmarklets to do the job.
  • YouTube Downloader – enter url and download YouTube videos.
  • GooTube FLV Retriever – enter the video page URL, download the youtube video.
  • Capture Youtube and Google videos – save them as AVI files encoded in the MPEG4 format, using only one command.
  • YouRipper – a freeware software which enables you to download videos from the YouTube and Google Video

Youtube Video Camera Recording
Photo by Photochiel

Top Youtube Third party tools

  • YouTube Userscripts – a collection of scripts to perform several tasks with YouTube.
  • Youtube Video Slideshow – insert a username or a video tag below and it starts a slideshow.
  • fTube – a YouTube player that downloads the list of 25 most recent videos featured on the YouTube front page. The user can select a video from the list and hit the play button to play it in-Flash.
  • TubeCH – YouTube flash player.
  • TvTube – For Mac users. Allows you to browse YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo Videos, for movie clips that people upload, choose your favorite clips and add them to your shared library.
  • YouTube API Extraction Tool – PHP script that taps into the YouTube API to deliver videos by tag, by username or what’s a current favorite.
  • Search The Tube – A quick way to find videos for your website, blog or profile.
  • YoutubeCrazyVideos – A Youtube videos desktop player. Freeware.
  • YouTube Podcaster – makes Podcast feed from your submitted keyword or url. The feed is made up from embedded youtube video IDs and all videos are converted to the MP4 file format.
  • MemoriesOnWeb – freeware photo slideshow software for YouTube.
  • Overstream – lets you add subtitles to online videos.

Integrate YouTube In Your Site or Blog

  • YouTube badge maker – will show your viewers images of your 6 most recently uploaded videos.
  • YouTube WordPress Plugin – Display YouTube videos on your WordPress blog according to Tags.
  • WordPress Related Videos Plugin – Uses tags to look for related videos on YouTube, displays the three most recent related videos on your WordPress blog post and updates videos automatically.
  • WordPress Favourite YouTube Videos – WordPress plugin / widget to display, in a very configurable manner, your latest favorite videos from Youtube.
  • Vipers Video Quicktags – WP plugin that easily generates codes for copy / pasting to embed videos from sites like YouTube and Google Video or for self-hosted videos into your posts.
  • WP-FLV – WordPress plugin simplfies the process of inserting flash video files (FLV) inside a WordPress post or page.
  • TubePress – a highly configurable WordPress plugin that displays YouTube videos in an embedded gallery in posts and/or pages.

Top / Best YouTube Videos Services

  • PureVideo – collects top 10 videos from around the web
  • The World Internet TV charts – tracks the most popular video clips from four leading Internet TV sites.
  • Top YouTube Videos – a daily updated selection of the most popular videos from YouTube.
  • Vidspedia – is a collection of the best Google and YouTube videos, submitted and rated by users.
  • Youtube top-rated – a coverpop with the 1,001 top rated videos from YouTube updated every week.
  • Best of YouTube – a blog selecting the best Youtube videos.
  • Viral Video Chart – tracks the world’s most blogged about videos including GooTube and MySpace.

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  1. jay says: is another site that allows users to submit and vote on videos. They allow submissions from most of the major video sharing sites, but the majority of the content comes from YouTube.

  2. Eric says:

    For embedding galleries of YouTube videos in WordPress, try out TubePress:

  3. will says:

    You forgot

  4. fiend says:

    You should include on the Top / Best YouTube Videos the site, it’s really great hehehe realllly

    Great list, good job ^^

  5. Prokrastinator says:

    Thanks Wendy for the great article. However, I use this wonderful and simple tool to convert a batch or single FLV file (the youtube video format) to avi/ mpeg and mpeg 2 videos. The user “Qjimbo” at the Doom 9 forum wrote the application in response to a topic based on converting youtube videos and it works flawlessly and fast. Its much better and faster than any of the paid software out there that I tried out to convert Youtube videos. The tool along with the firefox extension Video Downloader is much easier than the describe method in article you provided. Download the tool at or goto the original post at for more information.

  6. geelake says:

    Very useful,thank you.

  7. kip says:


  8. FSC2oo6 says:

    I’ve made a Youtube tool for Windows Desktop


    Check it out

  9. entubao says:

    You forgot too :)

    A blog like “The best of youtube”, but from Spain.

  10. Adrian says:

    Videos de youtube, googlevideo, metacafe y more sites of video.

  11. it says:

    There is another nice wiki based index of youtube videos:

  12. Scott Button says:

    You could add Viral Video Chart to your best of YouTube section…

  13. pollox says:

    You also should include on the Best YouTube Videos the a spanish humor site like digg.

    Great list ;).

  14. dotcomrade says:

    Webmunism – categorizes youtube videos with related flickr photos.

  15. kafrileontas says:

    i downloaded the youtube downloader and instantly my xp computer was infected by spyware. so watch out… some of this stuff is dangerous

  16. Eamonn says:

    I have written a C# Wrapper Assembly that encapsulates all the YouTube API functionality into a set of .Net methods and deserializes the result sets into objects for the .Net developer to use.

    The Main YouTube DLL is written in C# but the Zip contains ASP.NET Web Application Projects written in C# and VB.NET that demonstrate some of the Functionality. All Source Code is provided.

    N.B Projects are in Visual Studio 2005 format.

  17. casey says:

    Another tool for your list:

    Cool freeware for generating photo/video slideshows with lots of customization possibilities. Integrates seamlessly with YouTube.

  18. siamak says:

    hi does any one know where can i get the you script because i want to make website same as you tube website for people to upload their video many thanks

  19. aimei says:

    Download videos from Youtube, Google, Metacafe, iFilm, Dailymotion… and other 60+ video sites ! And all embedded objects on a webpage ( offers all kinds of online Video format,wmv,flv,etc.) ! Directly & quickly!

  20. Geoff says:

    Slideroll has a videomaker that turns Slideroll slideshows into true video you can upload to YouTube. You can create slideshows from photos you upload or from your Flickr photos.

  21. Corey says:

    I love this site! View over a 100 YouTube thumbs at a time! Then either watch them or download them. Zoom in and out, too! is cool…no spyware or ads.

  22. ituloy angpagsulong says:

    Thanks for giving out a list like this

  23. David says:

    here in you will find a zone named gadtube with only the best youtube videos, THE BEST OF THE BEST .. ONLY ! . Check them out :)

  24. alhaurin says:

    You lack the one: Videobox

  25. Torley says:

    Handy resource, thanx for putting this together! I’ve been using YouTube more recently and this helps me get even more outta it.

  26. Anton says:

    Hi, is there any tool or trick to increase the views (popularity) of my YouTube uploaded videos?

  27. vixy says:

    FLV Online Converter:
    YouTube Podcaster:

  28. Glenn Casto says:

    check out it’s a full youtube clone and allow you search as well as download any youtube vidoes, it’s an all-in-one site…very cool

  29. Sabnorton says:

    If you want to search and batch download from, try the BrownRecluse script ? on (check the WebFiles tab). The script is free and very powerful. Even creates thumbnail pages .

  30. Jacob Levy says:

    Not sure if you noticed, a way to watch youtube videos on your cell phone. Works with all 3G video phones. The guy who runs this is a grad student from UCLA who got a jump on the bigco’s by cobbling together this amazing service before the Telcos could get their act together..

  31. thomas says:

    I use Savetube to save youtube videos.

  32. hari says:

    Can you please tell is there any way to upload videos into youtube from an API ,
    or can we upload videos directly from our application using any interface…..

    thanks in advance.

  33. Andy says:

    Anyone know of a batch uploader for youtube? I have about 200 short home movies I’d like up on my youtube profile and really don’t want to upload them by hand.

  34. hotel Malacca says:

    Great job! This site will become more poular after the Google purchase of YouTube.

    Thanks a lot !

  35. E.R. says:

    I thought I read an article about a week or so ago on how to save a picture from within a YouTube video as a single picture without having to save the entire video; I can’t seem to locate that article. Is there such a thing or did I misread?

    What I’m looking to do is save a single frame as a jpeg file or the like. I don’t want the entire video and don’t want the picture to be anything else except a snapshot (so to speak).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  36. jethro says:

    Is there a way/program that can download multiple video’s (for example the 10 newest movies) to my computer? So not an online playlist url’s one by one…

  37. SaveTube says:

    I use SaveTube to save any youtube videos.

  38. kral says:

    thx u very much for superb YouTube research! My all-times favorite is Youtube Crazy Videos. Thx. QOT rocks!

  39. MT says:

    Find and rate all video sharing sites around!

  40. Coleision says:

    Downloads from YouTube, MySpace and many more. Then converts the file to iPod, PSP, DVD, XviD, 3gp, Zune, VCD, SVCD. It does it all! Very easy to use 3 step process! Ohh and did I mention you have full control over the quality settings? That is awesome!

  41. Snatchvid says:

    I reccomend it’s very fast and easy!

  42. Coleision says:

    Another tool My Video Downloader

    It downloads from YouTube, MySpace and 50+ others, then it converts the file to iPod, PSP, Zune, 3gp, DVD, VCD, DVD and XviD.

    Very cool app and easy to use.

  43. Martin says:


    Please add to your great list.


  44. oren says:

    ifunpix is an application that include a mini browser that you can use to navigate in, when you see a video that you like you can click the download button. now you can watch your downloaded videos and copy them to your mobile phone using WAP

  45. Cinetech says:

    Check this article out:
    How To Make YouTube Videos Look Great

  46. Vineet Jain says:

    Please add this in your list. This tool is very cool.
    Link You can add Youtube player on your webpage. This Google gadget will let you search videos and play it on your webpage without going to Youtube’s website. This is a cool gadget uses AJAX and uses the Youtube’s RSS feed. It uses Google’s content handler library to get data from Youtube. A good example of circumventing cross domain problem in AJAX.

  47. ??? says:

    ifunpix is an application that include a mini browser that you can use to navigate in, when you see a video that you like you can click the download button. now you can watch your downloaded videos and copy them to your mobile phone using WAP

  48. ??? says:

    Thanks Wendy for the great article. However, I use this wonderful and simple tool to convert a batch or single FLV file (the youtube video format) to avi/ mpeg and mpeg 2 videos

  49. Rob says:

    Hi Guys I thought maybe you should check out this tool. Leplayer it allows you to play , search, and save Youtube Videos in a great way.

    Download Leplayer and see for yourselves



  50. Migration to Australia says:

    Please add, it can download not only youtube video, but also google video.

  51. Purple Tree says:

    I’m looking for a script that I can use on my website that displays and updates the number of video views:, comments:, etc that are appearing on a given YouTube page. (i.e. if I have 1000 views today, on my home-made page it reads 1000. If I have 2000 views tomorrow on YouTube, then my personal web page will also read 2000 views. I pulled the page source and it doesn’t look like using that code will allow the numbers to update on my page too.

    Thanks for any help here.

  52. Oren says: is an application that include a mini browser that you can use to navigate in, when you see a video that you like you can click the download button. now you can watch your downloaded videos and copy them to your mobile phone using WAP

  53. Take9 says:

    Download and save videos directly from YouTube, Google, Bolt, iFilm, MySpace, DailyMotion, and! Visit today!

  54. tuber says:

    you can add promote your YouTube videos on for quick search YouTube your clips

  55. thomas55 says:

    I use to save youtube videos.

  56. Kip says:

    BienneSoft Youtube Downloader is free

  57. Spinner says:

    I can’t wait to start using some of the great tools you listed!

  58. free directory says:

    Great job, thanks dude i have always love youtube and there’s too much videos that has been deleted and i needed to download! Neat!!

  59. AG says:

    Is there a way to upload Youtube videos via an API and then know how many views it got?

  60. life says:

    out of these video downloader firefox extension and online download is the best….it rocks….

  61. listikal says:

    Excellent group of tools PC, I’m going to probably put together a collection of my own soon. I’ll do my best to keep it original though.

  62. Larry says:

    You also forgot this site for funniest videos:

  63. YouTubeCommunityForum.Com says: – Learn how to become a real director, youtube help info, learn how to edit videos, a new way to share your ideas, be apart of the biggest video broadcasting forum on the net.

  64. Doc Hollywood says:

    This will be the ultimate (All-in-One) MySpace
    YouTube Bot. Release date will be late June 2006

  65. Funpy says: allows you serach and download youtube videos in the most popular formats, such as AVI, 3GP, MP4 and MP3. Full quality, free and a lot of videos.

  66. KellyFan says:

    Best software – easy, and simple

    I use ZillaTube ( from ) very easy to use.

    Built-in player for youtube video, mpg,avi,mp4, 3g, mp3, etc Just drop the downloaded files into it, and sit back, and view. Easy. And if you like it, you convert them to good quality videos. Do all these with just one program.

  67. becu says:

    Here is another site to add to the list :)

    You can also download YouTube Video, Google Video, Dailymotion, ifilm, Break, putFile, grouper, MySpace, That Video Site, Grinvi,…all in one page in one click. Check out this site:


  68. Patrick de Groot says:

    Could you add to the list? It features an archive of every daily YouTube video top 100.

  69. Maysoun says:

    Dear I would like to thank you.
    I did not try anything yet but I was certainly looking for how to capture and download youtube videos ..
    So I ll say thank you for all those tools … and if I have to report anything I ll come back.
    Thanks alot

  70. Carlos Lorenzo says: is a search engine with tag cloud only devoted to YouTube and a social community. I will include a link to this helpful site. Thanks.

  71. show says:

    you can use for download from youtube and many more …

  72. Johnathan says:

    You should probably add to your list… it is a way to “earn” more views by simply watching other people’s videos.

  73. Mike says:


    Please add to your list.
    It’a a great funny videos resource.


  74. L.Harvey-Carter says:

    Why is the YouTube Downloader always “on maintenance” now. How long does maintenance take anyhow? It’s been in this mode night and day for a week ow. Wat’s up?

  75. soniya says:

    great job…. pretty exhaustive list of tips. thanks

  76. Loopsound says:

    Wow! this has really cleared some thing up for me… Thanks.

  77. Jaime says:

    I always use to search and download videos! great design and easy to use :)

  78. Jeff White says:

    New site that allows you to create 3D animated playlist of youtube videos. download videos, convert to other formats, plus 3D search engine to find millions of videos and webmaster can also get codes to add these tools to their own website.

  79. youtube friend adder says:

    Hey, what about this youtube friend adder tool?

  80. mark says:

    Yet another great list! Thanks a lot. :)

  81. genti says:

    hey hi every one.can anyone tell me how can i upload a video in youtube,how can i do the video tags.pls help me!!!

  82. mark says:

    @181: Go to YouTube and look at the top right. When you’re in the uploading process you’ll see a place to enter tags.

  83. GreatMovies says: is a website where you van easely find the best youtube movies.

  84. drbatter says:

    – a Windows desktop YouTube downloader and video smoother, removes some of the compression artifacts from downloaded videos.

  85. MrZ says:

    check out for all your video uploading needs… 9 major video websites in one shot! Also video stats and tracking!!!

  86. Peter S. says:

    Here’s another great tool for webmasters:

    It’s a music video CMS based on They even gave me a 2000 music videos DB with my purchase. Great value, should be added to this list.

  87. rick287 says:

    here is another great site I have found to download youtube videos

  88. etchbee says:

    Search and try all Youtube video in very good looking interface Youtube VDO

  89. matilda2007 says: today announces YouTube Robot 2.0, a tool that enables you to download video from onto your PC, convert it to various formats to watch it when you are on the road on mobile devices like mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, Pocket PC, PSP, or Zune.

  90. Martyriin says:

    Anyone know of a trick or tool that removes your own ‘video response’ to another Youtube video without having to delete your video??


  91. says:

    Hello Try download videos from 98 sites.. Not only Youtube but others too..

  92. says:

    Try specially for Youtube..

  93. Frank Bruno says:

    More YouTube tricks to get your videos seen

  94. download video from youtube says:

    hi , please add this in to your list

    thanks a lot

  95. Dale says:

    Hi All,


    Its a cool site that i found on where you can search and view youtube videos in a much more user friendly environment.

    You can also download videos in a variety of formats, without having to download any dodgy software.

  96. barry manville says:

    great selection of tools but does any one have one that puts a clickable link in video–so that its like a water mark but click through-able

  97. Nathan says:

    Awesome list, thank you for posting.

  98. Aribo says:

    Great collection, but a lot of the tools from “Download and Save YouTube Videos” don’t work anymore. You could add my site ;) that one still works

  99. localet says:

    what a good job

  100. Chris Ford says:

    Have you thought about adding to your list of “best of” sites? They are a new player, but I like the site.

  101. KevinR says:

    I just love PHPMelody (! :) Give it a try and you won’t regret that you did.

  102. YouTubeRipper says:

    Please add my website to your list of download sites.


  103. YouTubeRipper says:

    Please post my website A website for downloading you tube movies.


  104. juani says:

    This is not really a tool per se. but it will help you encode your videos for youtube, especially now that it has higher resolution.

    It’s called YouTube High Definition

  105. mimoso says:

    YouTube High Def

  106. Dolly3374sq says:

    Hi friends,
    I am really impressed witht the “Youtube video slide show” script in the above list. But I am not understanding how to implement that in my website?

    In the ‘usage’ section of the above script, it is mentioned that just with the use of JS file and some changes to the css file in source code, and a call to the function i can implement. But I am really confused. Where do i keep the JS file and how do I call the function they have given there?
    can some one please tell me step-by-step procedure to implement this script? I will be very thankful to you.

  107. Bart Samwel says:

    Perhaps you want to add Taggl ). It’s a tag search engine that searches content from YouTube and other tag based sites such as Flickr.

  108. Miltski says:

    What an Amazing set of Tools,
    Are they still all relevant now?

  109. QuickOnlineTips says:

    The list is regularly updated. :-)

  110. steveking says: today announces YouTube Robot 2.0, a tool that enables you to download video from onto your PC, convert it to various formats to watch it when you are on the road on mobile devices like mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, Pocket PC, PSP, or Zune.

    YouTube Robot allows you to search for videos using keywords or browse video by category, author, channel, language, tags, etc. When you find something noteworthy, you can preview the video right in YouTube Robot and then download it onto the hard disk drive. The speed, at which you will be downloading, is very high: up to 5 times faster than other software when you download a single file and up to 4 times faster when you download multiple files at a time.

    Manual download is not the only option with YouTube Robot. You may as well schedule the download and conversion tasks to be executed automatically, even when you are not around. Downloading is followed by conversion to the format of your choice and uploading videos to a mobile device (if needed). For example, you can plug in iPod, select the video, go to bed, and when you wake up next morning, your iPod will be ready to play new YouTube videos.

    Product page: w
    Direct download link: ww
    Company web-site: ww

  111. YouTube Downloader says:

    I recommend this youtube download tool,see my name.It intergares the funtion of playing flv videos.

  112. T J says:


    One of the Top / Best YouTube Videos websites that I have found on the internet is at – All hand selected and no crap.

  113. Tube says:

    Here I found new blog with YouTube videos, funny clips and weird news from Please, check

  114. youtubeclipextractor says:

    Hi,good list.
    please also add our software – – an add-on to Internet Explorer – youtube downloader and youtube converter in 1 tool

  115. Utah SEO says:

    Once again I am impressed, I spend all day on social networking and social media websites. I have not seen have these tools. Keep up the great work!

  116. Posicionamiento con YouTube says:

    Amazing tool collection!
    To complement your list, there are some cool Widgets at

  117. Josh says:

    Get Thousands of views for your YouTube videos for the cheapest price on the web. Ever wonder why there is some people that get 100000 views on their videos when your videos are better but your still in the 100s. And whats better is that you do not pay straight from the website but actually contact the staff and work things out so security is guaranteed.


  118. Reeplay says:

    We are working on a service that does just that. transcodes videos from all the most popular video services into several formats (computer, TV with console, PSP, cellphone, iPod…) and lets you organize them in playlists.

    You can then synchronize your playlists with iTunes and your iPod, or access them anytime from your Internet-enabled console, set top box, computer or from your cellphone. is at

  119. Cindy says:

    Nice list. Those are great tools.

    I guess you forgot where you can insert a username and it generates a iTunes like gallery. It’s very well done.

  120. Hans says:

    I think you lack the youtube streams.

  121. bee says:

    forgot about

    it converts and downloads videos

  122. Dominique says:

    Have you also seen It’s a site that just requires the Youtube URL and will then give you the low- and high quality download link (flv and mp4, respectively) and also gives you the embed code for almost any video, whether it has embedding enabled or not!

    Like your compilation btw, nice and comprehensive list!


  123. franko ventuno says:


    do u like a video on youtube? add HACK before in the url bar


  124. Nick says:

    I like Tube Mogul, it lets you upload videos to several different aggregation sites at once and has good insight tools as well.

  125. amazing facts says:

    nice video collection…thanks for this post….

  126. mary Green says:


  127. Viktor says:

    There is another online Youtube downloader that can download videos in MP4, mp3, 3gp and HighQuality FLV.

  128. Viktor says:

    Sorry, forget to add link

    P.S. It is very popular in Russia

  129. youtube says:

    There is another online Youtube downloader that can download videos in MP4, mp3, 3gp and HighQuality FLV.

  130. eglence says:

    Youtube downloader that can download videos in MP4, mp3, 3gp and HighQuality FLV

  131. shahabaz says:

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  132. Hellen says:

    I use

    Easy usage, mp3, mp4, avi, wmv, 3gp or flv are supported!

  133. kurye says:

    i love youtube

  134. iPhone girl says:

    Thanks for this list. I’ve been searching for about 30 minutes for youtube tools, then I came across your list, wish I had found it 30 mins ago lol. thanks again :)

  135. Charles says:

    Wow, so much information here. A thorough list of YouTube video resources.

  136. AtomicUs5000 says:

    Great collection!
    I made a pretty cool thing you might want to check out. It’s a YouTube Channel Badge Generator.

    You just enter in the channel name, select some display options, and generate the code. The javascript code can then be copied and pasted into a site.
    The generated badge will always display current statistics.

  137. popi says:

    I am surprised Sothink’s Web Video Downloader is not in the list. I think it is really the best video downloader there is because it can handle any site and any video in streaming as well as work on both firefox and Internet explorer:

  138. pixy says:

    The best website for downloading YouTube videos for me is! It offers so many options and formats and the interface is awesome!

  139. Carmen says:

    Very nice tool to turn YouTube video into ringtone

  140. Jeramie says:

    I think the best youtube site of all is and it wasn’t even mentioned.

  141. Salvio says:

    A good way to convert videos in youtube to many formats is in this sites

    They are fast and easy to use.

  142. ade says:

    can someone reccomend a software that can be used to download a video file that has several parts at once


  143. Seo London says:

    Thanks for the info here is another one you can check out people.

  144. Michelle says:

    Atube Catcher is one of the best software for downloading high definition quality youtube videos!

  145. J says:

    also converts YouTube videos to different formats. Useful for creating a backup. Especially since videos are removed from YouTube constantly.

  146. Rory says:

    Here is one that has been around for awhile, well 2007 =) they have a new version “My Video Downloader HD” that supports HD up to 1080p resolution. They also double as a full conversion utility so you can convert just about any video from your computer to almost ANY format including MKV, MP4, WMV, All apple (iPod,iPhone etc) DVD, XVID and more.

  147. Çet says:

    really this is a nice web thank you thanks admin good post super messege
    Why is the YouTube Downloader always “on maintenance” now. How long does maintenance take anyhow? It’s been in this mode night and day for a week ow. Wat’s up?

  148. Kameralı Sohbet says:

    I am surprised Sothink’s Web Video Downloader is not in the list. I think it is really the best video downloader there is because it can handle any site and any video in streaming as well as work on both firefox and Internet explorer:

  149. Garen says:

    I think a lot of people forget that you need to be proactive when getting more views to your videos. Make it a habit to go out and comment on other blogs. Do leave your youtube video link and you will get your videos out there.

  150. youzhny says:

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    Thanks a lot !

  151. Youtube Backup says: is a great data and video backup tool that can save you a lot of heartache if you use it regularly and save your data in case Youtube ban or suspend you leaving you without access to videos and collected favorites and friends etc..

  152. andrey says:

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  153. Cool Video Downloader says:

    Save Video plugin for Internet Explorer – (FLV Downloader + FLV Converter + FLV Player)

  154. Mike owner of says:

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    Thanks for sharing these youtube tools. I was having a hard time downloading videos from youtube.

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