Upload Unlisted Private Videos on YouTube to Share Secret Content

Did you know you can upload private Youtube videos which are unlisted and hidden from Search. Host your secret, hidden, private videos as unlisted and private Youtube videos for free. Now your secret videos can be hosted on Youtube and viewed only by as many people as you want to share your hidden Youtube video.

This means we can now upload more private videos to our Youtube channel and keep them unlisted to release them when we actually want them to go live, or share private videos with selected group of people. In fact Youtube provides a great free video hosting service for your private videos!

private hidden

Unlisted YouTube Videos

Unlisted  videos means that only people who know the link (which you shared with them) can view it. Unlisted videos will not appear in YouTube search results, your channels, or Browse pages.  To view an unlisted video, you don’t need a YouTube account.

Can anyone view my unlisted video? Remember the video is unlisted, but has a publicly accessible URL for people who know the video link. So if your friend whom you trustingly shared the link, decides to post the link on their blog, anyone who can click that link can see that video. So if you want your secret video to remain hidden, ensure your contacts are trustworthy and don’t share the link further. Also note people can easily comment on unlisted videos as they have full access once they have the link.

Private YouTube Videos

Are private videos better? If it suits you, instead of making unlisted videos, make them private videos – then only users who you invite to view the video will be able to see it, and not anymore. Of course the video will not appear on your channel, in Groups, search results, playlists etc.

So basically private videos can be shared with a limited audience – if you want to share videos with all your 200 friends, then unlisted video is the better way. Moreover, once a video is shared via the private URL, it cannot be unshared. Also your contacts need a Google account to view private videos.

Unlisted vs Private Youtube Videos

Here are key differences between public, private and unlisted videos.

unlisted vs private youtube videos

Make YouTube Video Private or Unlisted

After logging in to YouTube, Go to the video you want to make private, Click the “Edit Video” button and it will take you to the Youtube Studio. There look out for the Visibility settings on the right side.

youtube visibility

and then choose if you want to make the video private or unlisted. By default, it is public.

private video youtube setting
If you decide to make the video private, you can invite others to see your private video filling  their email and remember they need to sign into their Google Account to view. So they must have a Google account. Enjoy!

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