Improve Adsense Performance with Multiple Custom Channels

Google Adsense just made it easier to get more detailed statistics by using channels to find which ads are clicking most and making you rich quickly. Now you can track exactly which Google Adsense units really have a high click through rate (CTR) by adding multiple custom channels to each ad unit.

How is it useful to bloggers?
Very useful. Most bloggers insert the Google Adsense code in the template of their blog. So these ads show in the same location on all posts. But how can I determine if a particular section of my blog with similarly placed ads is converting well for me.

E.g. Suppose I insert a 468×60 banner on every single post and single page on WordPress (inserted inside posts via the template, though I could get Adsense Deluxe or Adsense injection wordpress plugins to do that too) on top. I have a channel tracking this ad, so I know the CTR and CPM aggregate of how this ad unit is performing. Now suppose I want to check how this ad unit is performing on a single post or single page, I simply add another custom channel – I keep on getting data about how well the top position is performing, at the same time I know if single posts or single pages are clicking better.

Remember that ad units tagged with multiple custom channels will log impressions or clicks in each channel you’ll see a higher number of impressions and clicks when you view your channel reports than when you view your aggregate reports.

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