WordPress Adsense Injection : Randomly Insert Ads in Blog Posts

Ad blindness is a common problem, which makes your visitors ignore your similar looking and always single position google adsense ads. Adsense Injection wordpress plugin will let you insert ads randomly in your post, reduce ad blindness and increase clicks.

Earlier I had pointed to another excellent AdSense Deluxe WordPress Plugin that lets you insert Google Adsense / Yahoo Ads into blog posts easily. But there were no random ads insertion and you decided where to insert the ads.

The new Adsense Injection wordpress plugin just takes a random paragraph break in your article and inserts google adsense code. It does one per story. It lets you pick how many total ads to do (0-3) and it lets you pick the formats and colors you want it to randomly select from. You can see it at work on their blog. A very good idea, but may cause ads to appear in funny places , especially if you use a lot of images in posts, as you have less control on ad placement now.

Now if you are looking out for Google Adsense Secrets, this is one of them. [Found via Jensense]

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