AdImpact Floating Layer Technology Pop-Up Ads

AdImpact provides a new way to display ads to your visitors using their Floating Layer Technology. A quick visit to their site will reveal a pop up floating ad at the centre of your screen with a cross button on top. And the pop-up ad bypassed my pop up blocker.

There is no doubt that since this pop up is the first thing that you see, it has 100% visibility and will lead to higher CTR (clickthroughs). It is obtrusive and may offend your visitors, but depends on how well you want to monetize your site and earn extra advertising money.

Adimpact Pricing starts at $9.95 and additional cost for extra impressions. There is a wide range of amazing pop ups to choose from. And as far as I tried, my Firefox and Internet explorer pop up blocking tools were unable to stop the pop ups as they opened in the same window.

Another unique feature is the Google AdSense Integration. Simply add your AdSense publisher ID to our Adimpact Builder, and the ad will be displayed inside the floating creative. Is it allowed? Jensense has the official verdict if it confirms to the Adsense policy. The Adsense integration is not available in the cheapest package they offer.

They have a Chaser Pop-up that tries to stay on the same place all the time chasing its desired position even if the user scrolls the window. The Mailgrab Functionality lets you use the popup layer to display a quick mail form. And you can position the pop-up anywhere on your webpage and it uses their bandwidth.

Adimpact floating ads has a affiliate program that lets you earn 25% Commissions on each new signup and recurring commissions for the life of the client. In adddition there is a 25% 2nd tier downline program that allows you to receive ongoing commisions from your affiliates.

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of the Adimpact program and have no personal interest.

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