How to Set Private Nameservers on Domain Names

We got some free new white-listed domain specific private  nameservers courtesy of our new Knownhost VPS hosting. But setting up private name servers is a little different, when you try changing the name servers with your domain name registrar.

Usually your webhosting gives their nameservers to use, like this

But we got private nameservers, specific to our domain name, like this

Set Up Private Nameservers for Domain Names

When you login to your domain name registrar (we use Godaddy) to change DNS settings, you would simply need to edit the nameservers for your domain name to those suggested by your host and it would propagate over a few hours. But when we tried changing our domain nameserver, we kept getting “Nameserver not registered” errors.

no nameserver

We wasted a lot of precious time and effort on this, believing maybe the IP was not yet registered and linked to these nameservers. But actually this time it needed a little more technical skill than before.


The trick is to locate the Host Summary details, which would normally be empty. Click the add link there to add  your new private nameservers with their IP there. Create separate entry for each nameserver.

set host ip

Once you set your host name and IP, then the Host Summary details, which were blank before, now looks like this

host summary

Now you can go ahead and change  your nameservers the usual way and those “Nameserver not registered” errors will no longer be there, and your new name server change request will be accepted.

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