How to Make Twitter Green Avatars

Have you noticed many Twitter avatars / icons on Twitter profiles have a green color shade. Make your Twitter Avatar Green and join the new revolution on Twitter to support the Iranian election protests.

green twitter avatar

The reason Twitter is going green is that Arik Fraimovich (@arikfr) has set up which seeks support for the people who fight for democracy at Iran, and advises you to change your Twitter avatar to a green overlay, called the official color of the movement. They have configured a link on that page that will automatically convert your profile to green using Twitter’s OAuth authentication and will automatically tweet a support message.

O-Auth is an authentication protocol that allows users to approve applications to act on their behalf without sharing their password. Before you click that link on that page remember that this will permanently make your avatar green until you change your avatar back. If you are not comfortable with that, here are some tips to make your Twitter avatar green using Microsoft’s Photo Editor.

When TimOReilly and MC Hammer go green, you know its trending at  #iranelection where hundreds of Twitter profile avatars are going green. They say over 90000 people have made their Twitter avatar green and hundreds are doing it as we write this. Here are more green Twitter icons which people are using.

I know many Twitter users joined the green avatar craze because their avatar looked cool, it amused people on Twitter who also wanted it and it won approval of  regular Twitter users that you tracked Twitter trends really well.

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