6 Best Sites to Share Files on Twitter

If you are Twitter fan and love file sharing, then here are six cool sites that allow you to share files with your friends on Twitter.

All you got to do is upload the file on the site, get the short URL and tweet it on your Twitter account. Just by clicking on the short URL your friends would be able to download the file onto their system. Tweeting can definitely be a faster way to share files with friends rather than sending an email.


Best Twitter File Sharing Tools

TwitDoc.Com: This is one of the popular file sharing sites for Twitter. With just a few simple steps, the process of file sharing can be accomplished. Upload your file, shorten the URL and post a tweet using your existing Twitter account. You can share documents up to 15 MB, images or graphics upto 10 MB and videos upto 25 MB size using this site.

Filetwt.com: This is another site that is exclusive for file sharing on Twitter. All that you need to do is enter your Twitter username and password and edit your tweet up to 114 characters, then you can upload any file type upto 20 MB in size and post it on Twitter. You can also post private tweets and share files by signing up in this site. Your tweet along with the short URL of the file will be posted in your Twitter account.

FileSocial.com: In this site you need not enter your Twitter account details. But, you have to authorize this site on our Twitter account so that you can tweet and share files from it. Once you grant access to FileSocial, just select the file you want to share and enter your tweet in the space provided and click on the upload button. You can delete the files you have uploaded on the site at any time. You can share files up to 50 MB in size using this service.

Acamin.com: Acamin enables you to share files upto 15 MB in size on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Sharing files is simple, just select the file that you want to share, then click on the social network on which you want to share, say Twitter. Then enter your Twitter username and password in the fields and post your tweet with the short URL of the file. You can also attach the uploaded file in email, publish it online and convert it to PDF.

ShareTwitter.com: If you want to share some large files on Twitter then this site may answer your question. This site allows you to share files upto 512 MB in size of any file type. All that you have to do is enter your Twitter account details, select the file that you want to share, enter your tweet and hit the Submit button to share. With the ‘My Files’ feature, you can keep track of all the uploaded files, store them and see the links to be shared.

TwitFS.com: If you want to share even bigger files on Twitter then you can consider this site. You have got three options on it.

  • Free, no registration: In this account type, you can share files up to 100 MB in size and they will expire after 30 days of no download.
  • Free basic: With this account type you have to register with the site and are allowed to share files up to 250 MB
  • Premium: In this account type, you have to pay to use the services, such that you can share files up to 2500 MB size. You need to upload the file to the site first and you will get a link to the file and then you can tweet it on your account or send the link directly to a Twitter user via @direct message.

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