Google Displays Special Doodle on Your Birthday

If it is your birthday, then Google displays a special Happy Birthday doodle on your birthday on! It was my birthday recently and it was surprising to see a new Doodle instead of the usual FIFA google doodles images which are displaying now everyday. At first I did not realize what was special about the logo, till I hovered over it and the title said Happy Birthday!

It is well known that if you click the special Google doodles, they click through to the search results for the event. In this case, the happy birthday logo clicked to my Google+ profile page. Here is what my Google front page looked like as it loaded in my Chromebook.

birthday doodle

Don’t see the logo on your birthday? If it your birthday and you are logged into Google, and have a Google+ profile with a date of birth entered – then only you will see the special logo. Google will identify if it your birthday from the Google+ settings that day and will display the special logo full of cakes, pastries and sparklers. If you hover the mouse over the logo, it displays Happy Birthday [Name]. And when you click on the logo, you get directed to the Google+ profile page.

It was interesting and indeed a great idea by Google to display a custom logo. If it is your birthday, they did you see the same or different logo?


  1. Matt says:

    Yes Bro, even i saw a special birthday doodle on my birthday, google is awesome. It always comes up with something new.

  2. Suman singh says:

    I would like to thanks for sharing nice article on Google Displays Special Doodle on Your Birthday. This is great news to all people who people wants to make birthday special on Google.

  3. Jennifer Tanner says:

    So cool! I didnt know Google did that! Thanks!

  4. nirav says:

    nice one
    i dont know about that
    and google make our bday special
    thanks for sharing this review

  5. Castor says:

    Cool! I never noticed Google did this

  6. Neha Sharma says:

    This is really cool . I was not aware about this. thanks for sharing info i will definitely going to check this on my birthday

  7. Serif says:

    Woow :D Really i follow my birthday :)

  8. Jin says:

    This is so cute!, I had no idea google did this

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