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lastpass password prompt

How to Export, Print Lastpass Passwords List

Do you want to export Lastpass passwords or print the Lastpass password list so that you can keep your complex passwords safe offline? We use  Lastpass password manager, which is…

remove background powerpoint

How to Remove Background from Image with Powerpoint

Do you remove background with Photoshop but can’t afford it? Powerpoint can remove bg from images with as much proficiency as any professional image editing software or background remover software?…

lazy load comments

How to Lazy Load Comments in WordPress Blogs

Lazy loading comments in WordPress blogs can increase the site loading speed should you decide to implement it on your WordPress blog. The main advantage of lazy loading comments will…

lazy load speed

How to Lazy Load Images with Lazysizes

Now you can lazy load images quickly using this code. Lazy Loading Images is essential If you want to fix your site core web vitals statistics and increase site speed…

pagespeed origin summary

Optimize Core Web Vitals for Site SEO

Google has released the Core Web Vitals report in Google Webmaster Tools which expresses the quality signals that they use to improve User experience on the web. The aim of…

wordpress auto update

How to Auto-Update Plugins and WordPress Themes

WordPress now auto-updates plugins and themes automatically since WordPress 5.5 and this will enables the much-requested feature to be part of the WordPress core and enhance server security as it…