Akismet WordPress Ham and Spam Statistics

Akismet is a wonderful wordpress plugin that blocks comment spam effectively. I have been using it on the blog and it is blocking hundreds of spam comments daily and hardly any spam escapes.

Recently over the past week there has been a surge in comment spam and I was wondering if only I was affected. Then Akismet revealed a Statistics page which provides detailed data with a graph about the total and daily spam and ham. And the spam is increasing at an exponential rate.

Total spam: 38,452,282
Total ham: 4,127,635

Today (UTC, 10 hours left)
Spam today: 1,150,854
Ham today: 33,604

Now that is a lot of spam. Ham is the good part that is not spam. And now they run a Live Spam Zeitgeist on the top of the site which states that 90% of all comments are spam. Spam protection is essential for your blog, Get Akismet today.

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