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Get a Gravatar fro your comments. You might have noticed many blogs show small images besides comments. After you commented was your image empty or a default image like all others? Many blogs are now Gravatar enabled, which lets you show your avatar beside your comment.

Gravatar is short for globally recognized avatar. It is an 80×80 pixel (or larger) avatar image that appears beside your name when you comment on gravatar enabled sites. Avatars have originally helped identify your posts on web forums, and this is an application of the same for weblogs.

matt gravatar

I created a Gravatar account. It simply links your uploaded avatar to your email address. When you post the comment using that email, your gravatar shows beside your comment automatically. A single avatar image can represent you across many different weblogs. Every gravatar submission is rated with an MPAA style rating before it is made publicly available. This allows implementors to decide on the rating level that is suitable for their site.

Gravatars2 is a WordPress plugin that lets you incorporate Gravatars in your blog comments. You can implement Gravatars on other blogging platforms also. Get a gravatar today and attract visitors to your comments. Enable Gravatars on your blogs and see the comments flow!

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