Maximum Firefox Extensions You Can Install : 200 or More!

We all love Firefox extensions. I love these 50 best firefox extensionsHow many firefox extensions can you install to power up your browser? Maybe unlimited. The first to attempt this was Splasho who decided to install 100 most popular extensions at the same time, nicknamed the Superbrowser, it worked smooth enough.

Now CyberNet went through the top Firefox extension page until he installed 200 firefox extensions.

“It took 6-minutes to start Firefox with the 200 extensions installed but it worked! Not only that but there are the popup windows that you get for certain extensions right after they are installed ‘yeah’ I received 47 of those. That also seemed to delay the initial start time but I didn’t sit there filling out information for all of the options, otherwise that would have taken me hours.

It was quite a site to see and there was a very limited viewing area for websites because of the toolbars. On my 24in widescreen monitor I had about 2in of viewable area at the bottom of the browser. But hey, it was still usable.”

Each extension makes your browser more usable, and there are hundreds of them. But you should install only those that “suits your need”. I am sure right now someone out there is thinking of Firefox with 300 extensions or more!

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