Million Dollar Blog Post : $1 Charity Per Wish Comment wants its readers to post a million comments to create a million dollar blog post. Tell your wish for the world in their comments box, spread the word by blogging and read other people’s wishes. For each comment they are going to have someone donate $1 to charity.

Their goal is to get 1 million comments and get enough sponsors to donate $1 per wish. You can sponsor a wish by donating money to any charity you want. Remember to put “” on the check / donation. For proof of your participation, the scanned image / screenshot of a check / receipt can be posted online (on your website, blog or Flickr.)

They are not asking that you donate to, but only mark your donation with to show that you’re participating in this effort. For every dollar donated to charity you’ll be sponsoring 1 wish.

Project Ojibwe has donated $2500 and you can see the images of checks with on them. There are some first prizes too. Post a comment. Sponsor a Wish. Help a Charity.

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