Feedblitz to Charge Bloggers with Over 5000 Subscribers

Feedblitz is a popular RSS to email service which lets your readers get RSS updates via email (instead of a news reader). Now Feedblitz has announced that they will start charging top bloggers with over 5000 Feedblitz subscribers.

Announcing this Terms of Service Change they say that larger lists are for professional purposes and are already using one of the premium services, and if they don’t, then they can afford to.

The new policy states that lists with an active circulation of 5000 or more must subscribe to a FeedBlitz premium service (Pro, Turbo or Newsletter Edition). If they fail to buy the Feedblitz upgrade, they will insert ads into subscriber emails until they comply. The Pro Upgrade cost $4.95 per month and Turbo package costs $9.95 per month.

Most web services have started charging their top users for the service they provide. And top users usually pay up to continue getting uninterrupted service and avoid the risk of losing their customers / readers.

Feedburner offers another popular RSS to email service which is totally free and owned by Google. I switched to Feedburner subscribe forms a few months ago and am getting a good response. I shifted mainly because I preferred the clean interface of the Feedburner email, simple customization and ability to subscribe via a pop up window without letting readers leave the site!

You can subscribe to our site updates via both services. Compare the Feedblitz sign up page and Feedblitz sign up page.

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