Apple iPhone in India: Now on Airtel!

Recently Vodafone confirmed rumors that they were going to sell Apple iPhone in India, now Bharti Airtel, a top Indian telecom player has revealed plans to sell iPhone on their network in India.

Apple iPhone in India on Airtel

Bharti Airtel released a press release that they “had signed a deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to India, later this year”. That surely heats up the race to sell Apple iPhones in India, since Airtel is India’s leading integrated telecom services provider with over 60 million customers!

Last year Apple iPhone premiered at Apple Retail Stores in US and instantly topped the most wanted gadgets lists worldwide. Now Indians can become proud owners of Apple iPhone thanks to Airtel and Vodafone.

You can buy an unlocked iPhone in India from the gray market for Rs.25000 ($600 approx), but soon you can buy iphones legally and flaunt it to your friends. Apple crashed the iphone prices by $200 last year and recently Apple doubled the memory, so a 8GB iphone is now available for $399 at Apple stores. Lets await the pricing in India with the call service pack…

Update: Apple iPhone launching August 22 in India.


  1. benjamin says:

    very good news for an Airtel user like me. I actually back to comment on the earlier post :-)

  2. benjamin says:

    For those who bought already and unlocked it, what happens when they need to replace the battery?

    By the way, I really enjoyed the iPhone videos.

  3. Manas says:

    It’s Vodafone….not Vodaphone

  4. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Thanks Manas. Fixed it.

  5. sagar says:

    i am intrested to buy iphone in india

  6. Sandeep says:

    Hi Any updates abt when we will get Iphone in India..

  7. jayant says:

    could any one tell me apple iphone price in india.

  8. Tithi says:

    Keep an Eye on Phone : Seen anything ? WoooP ! It’s I-Phone !

  9. vibhu chauhan says:

    i also want to buy this phone pls help me out….wat is the procedure 4 buying dis phn??

  10. rahul says:

    sir what is iphone?i am airtel customer,please tell me.i want to know about iphone.ismain kya khas baat hai mere pass nokia 6300 hai,to iphone aur nokia 6300 main difference kya hai?

  11. seshu says:

    only outgoing calls

  12. amit says:

    iphone is going to launch in india with airtel and vodafone on aug 22. on 21st midnight u can purchase iphone from airtel relationship centre with al services

  13. Amit says:

    Price of apple iphone in india wil be
    31000 for 8gb
    36000 for 16 gb

  14. Mita says:

    What would be the prizes for Apple’s Iphone in India?

  15. rk says:

    its too expensive to buy

  16. AmitB says:

    Watch this before you buy iPhone
    I looked at it and dropped the plan of buying it

  17. AmitB says:

    It nothing but just an Expensive problem that you are going to buy, you pay Rs 31000/- and you get this.


    what is the different of APPLEiphone in other multimedia mobile?

  19. yashvanth says:

    difference in iphone when compared with samsung tocco is so much that tocco seems to behave so well !!!!

  20. r.k says:

    igot i phone but i could not download into ipod please explain how to download to ipod

  21. Mushir says:

    i wnt to buy 3G in installment plz help me out

  22. G.J.Panchal says:

    sir what is iphone?i am airtel customer,please tell me.i want to know about iphone. I have already nokia 7310, What the different between to iphone and my nokia 7310? If it is batter than Nokia 7310 so I wish purchase in ahmedabad.

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