6 Best Facebook WordPress Plugins

Looking for Facebook WordPress Plugins? Facebook is one the biggest social networking sites and most of the users update their account regularly and it is a good medium to share stuff with friends. So installing a Facebook plug-in to your WordPress blog enables your users to easily share the posts. Herein are 6 cool WordPress plugins for Facebook.

Facebook WordPress Plugins

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1. Add Link to Facebook 
Automatically add links to published posts or pages to your Facebook wall, pages or groups. The link title will be the post title. The link description will be the excerpt, or part of the post text and link image will be selected from WordPress icon, first image in the media library or in the text, featured image, avatar of the author or custom image. Includes additional features like integrate Facebook comments and likes on added links into WordPress and post WordPress comments back to Facebook.

2. Simple Facebook Connect
This is a framework to integrate all Facebook functionality without much coding, and full customization. The plugin is also a developer framework for both the Graph API and the Facebook Javascript SDK. Enables your site to connect to Facebook with JS SDK, auto-implements OpenGraph tags using Facebook credentials (with Facebook avatar support). Automatically Publish new posts to Facebook Profile, Applications, Fan Pages and integrate comments made on Facebook back into your own site

3. Add to Facebook 
Once you install this plugin on your WordPress blog, you can see a footer link at the bottom of each blog post. By clicking on this link, user can add the current post to their Facebook mini-Feed. You can choose either a text link “Share on Facebook” or a Facebook button or both can be displayed at the bottom of the post. By clicking on the link, the user can sign in to the Facebook account it he is not already logged in and the post will be automatically added to his Mini-Feed.

4. Facebook Dashboard Widget
This WordPress plug-in for Facebook allows you to see all the updates from your friends and allows you to know what your friends are doing. This is a  dashboard widget that allows you to go side by side with your friends on Facebook and your WordPress blog. Using this widget you can know the updates from your Facebook friends even if the Facebook site is blocked.

5. WP-FBConnect
This plug-in will add Facebook functionality to your WordPress blog using the Facebook Connect APIs. You have to link WordPress and your Facebook account, and once they are linked you need not have to sign in again. You can publish the comments on your blog through the newsfeed and Facebook avatars will be displayed in the comments field.

6. Gigya
All the features in this plugins are fully configurable by the WordPress administration panel. By installing this plug-in to your WordPress blog, you can have a secure signup and login for users in your site. You can update your states on various social networking sites at once and also invite all your friends on various networks to visit and join in your blog site.

7. Facebook Photos plug-in
This plug-in allows you to add photos to the posts directly from the Facebook. All that you have to do is install and activate the plug-in and link your Facebook account with the WordPress blog. After that when you edit a new post in WordPress, a new Facebook icon in the add media section will be present – by clicking on the icon you can see the photos that you have uploaded to your Facebook account. You can then insert the photos to the post as small, medium and large size and can also align the image position.

8. SEO Facebook Comments
It inserts a Facebook Comment Form, Open Graph Tags and will insert all Facebook Comments into your WordPress Database for better SEO. Usually the Facebook comment system embeds into your page through an iframe, but this plugin will loading all the comments on your page through your WordPress Database (faster page loading time too!)

Initially written by guest blogger Srikanth, who writes on Tech Inspiration blog at ekoob.com about tips, gadgets, and technology. Now modified to include currently popular Facebook WordPress plugins.

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  1. JSB Web Design says:

    Thanks for this Facebook WordPress Plugin roundup. More and more want to integrate their networks and these can help with that.

  2. Marcy says:

    Thanks for sharing them! These are just the things I need! Can’t wait to give them all a try. Thanks again!

  3. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Thanks for your feedback. I have put a notice on the plugin in the post.

  4. NooriChronicles says:

    Thanks for sharing this great article.

  5. kolkata seo says:

    fotobook is yet another beautiful wp plugins for adding your facebook album to your blog

  6. viator m. says:

    Wow!This is a very useful list. Thanks for sharing it. I’ll test some of the listed plugins… :)

  7. ma jalah says:

    Is there any plugin that can post automatically from blog to facebook? *cross posting* thx

    • Paul says:

      Good timing to read this, just posted about this on another site I was reading:

      It even puts the post picture into the wall, but does require a computer running.

  8. kamila says:

    yes exactly same question -is there a plugin that will allow to push wordpress posts into facebook automatically? (found one for twitter but dont seem to be able to find a facebook one…)

    • Moshe Neeman says:

      Great list – thanks!

      Same question, again…

      “is there a plugin that will allow to push wordpress posts into facebook automatically?”

      WP to Twitter automatically generates a tweet for each WP post – and does so easily and reliably.

      The same for Facebook, with the necessary adjustments, would be great.

      Does it exist?

      Thanks again,

  9. eMarketinGuide says:

    Nice list, thanks for sharing however I think you need to update the list as there are lot of useful plugins available now.

  10. Robert says:

    Does someone know how to bring comments from facebook to the blog or pages on me website?

    best regards

  11. Steve says:

    What about the F Share button you have under this sentence, “Like this article? Tell a friend or subscribe free to get new articles.”

    I’ve been looking everywhere for it but can’t seem to find it. Is it code you entered or a wp plugin? Thanks!!!

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Its a Facebook share button. Get it here

  12. Info Gaptek says:

    Cool! I like the facebook-widgets very much..
    Thanks for sharing this info!

  13. Ramnath says:

    Really nice consolidated list of Fb-Wordpress plugins. Great going!

  14. PlF says:

    Here’s a WordPress widget that uses the new Facebook Like button (just release on Apr. 21st 2010):

    Facebook Like WordPress Plugin

    Feedbacks appreciated on this blog post while waiting for WordPress to approve it and move it to the directory.

    (the blog actually uses it so you can test the plugin live before installing)

  15. buzzknow says:

    one addition from me ..

    Facebook Like Button – has so many feature to customize :D



  16. Julian says:

    another good fb connect plugin complete with a lot of widget by Otto

  17. Austin says:

    I know there is a plugin to link wordpress posts to show up on your facebook wall. Is there a plugin that does the opposite? (Having your facebook posts show up on your wordpress blog).

  18. Satya Prakash says:

    nice post. I have visited “Add to Facebook” but it tell to use “share on facebook” for new version.

  19. hiron says:

    I did not know that facebook also has wordpress plugins.Great tips.

  20. Wayne Lambert says:


    When you use Facebook comments on your blog, are you denying your readers the opportunity to get a backlink which is their main incentive to blog in the first instance?

    Would be interested to hear your opinion.


  21. Web Services says:

    We used to use this plugin “Facebook Comments” on our main website before and actually like to introduce it to our clients but suddenly its not working anymore, hope the developer update this plugin or will ask to adopt it and redevelop.


  22. Nilesh Gajera says:

    Nice help .. could you please tell me how can i automate my wp posts to facebook Page.

  23. Jack says:

    Which WP plugin is to use for posting on facebook. I mean when i post on WP it auto..post on facebook ?

  24. Hitesh says:

    Hi, thank you for the link, i really need to know abt facebook plugin and here my search ends..
    thanx a lot

  25. Yolanda says:


    As you can see, I am in need of the facebook plugin for my website. I am using another plugin that includes facebook, but the ones you posted are really worth trying. I’ll tell you later about my experience.


  26. ziga says:

    Are there any new plugins for the fb comment integration?? This seems to be a waste of time, because of so many steps involved… Any plug and play plugins availible yet?? So you can link to fb an just drag a widget to your sidebar??? This would make sense tho :/



  27. Risank Veda says:

    Thanks for the info…I need it. Hope I can get many traffic from Facebook :)

  28. 509 Media says:

    Thanks for the post. I am messing around with the Developer Apps to add links back to my wordpress page.

    I have to agree with one of the posters above in regard to people posting on your blog. Many people take the time to post to create a back link to the site. I would also like to hear if the number of comments left on a blog go down if the comments are being posted from Facebook.


  29. NMC says:

    Is there a plug-in that will allow me to share my posts from my wordpress blog to a Facebook fan page (business page) rather than to my personal Facebook profile? Thanks.

  30. charson says:

    I kind of like the roundup of facebook plugin. Nowadays “Simple facebook connect seems to be doing everything.

  31. fizero says:

    is that any plugins to make status on facebook automatically posted to wordpress site too ?

  32. Legetøj online says:

    Great link – thanks. Do you any plugin to design a Facebook Page Trough wordpress (FBML)..?

  33. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the advice. A great resource for getting facebook intergrated with wordpress

  34. Alex Moss says:

    Hi guys,

    I have just release a Facebook Comments plugin that now works with the newly released commenting system. Check it out.

  35. WP Theme Design GOD (Wannabe) says:

    hi umm do you know any wp plugin that is able to automatically post a tweet and post a status on your fb once you post a new Post? thanks

  36. David Nelson says:

    I have developed a facebook comments plugin for wordpress which enables non technical people to have the new facebook comments on their wordpress blog in under five minutes. The user experience is super simple.

  37. Credevator says:

    thnx for resource … helpful stuff …

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