Google Suggests We Follow Chetan Bhagat on Twitter

Google has launched a new tool called Google Follow Finder that suggests we follow celebs Chetan Bhagat,  Barkha Dutt on Twitter. Simply enter your Twitter id on the Google Follow Finder, and it analyzes public social graph information (following and follower lists) on Twitter to find people you might want to follow.

Our results suggested 2 Google site accounts for Google research @googleresearch and Google maps @googlemaps. The other are celebrites like author Chetan Bhagat  @chetan_bhagat and media celeb Barkha Dutt @bdutt and the next is @deepikatweeting, which possibly was meant to suggest celebrity Deepika Padukone, (but her actual account is @deepikapadukone). I think these suggestions were based heavily on the Twitter lists we created like the Bollywood Celebrities and Google List.

google suggests twitter users

So officially how does it work –Tweeps you might like: We start with the list of people you follow, find others with similar lists, and then identify accounts you might also want to follow.

These are widely different from what officially Twitter suggested users are at

Have you noticed that if you click “Follow on Twitter” on these profiles (after log in), they ’ll be added instantly to your following list in Twitter. This is courtesy of the new Twitter @anywhere framework which makes it easy for any site to add Twitter functionality. You can also integrate Twitter @anywhere into your site.

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