Google Adsense Offers Help for Invalid Click Activity Accounts

Google Adsense get more supportive for accounts with invalid click activity and promises more options to help Adsense publishers before disabling Adsense accounts. Its possible that next time Google detects suspicious clicks on your Adsense account, they might consider suspending your account, rather than terminating it permanently.

Google Adsense Earns Money

Google Adsense is the best way for small publishers to make money –  They are much better than ad networks which offer CPM (pay per 1000 impressions) ads as they do not earn much due to low site traffic; they are also better than 30 day fixed price ads (BuySellAds) as you cannot command a high ad rate without brand value or high traffic. Google Adsense maintains that trickle of revenue for small sites and is motivating to keep the site running.

Then sometimes people get greedy to earn more and believe Google is not watching – then people engage in clicking your own ads, engaging family and friends to click ads or using shady techniques and autobots to click. This artificially inflates costs of advertisers and is bad for the Google advertising network. Google takes invalid activity on Adsense account very seriously and can ban Adsense account for severe policy violations.

Invalid Click Activity Help

Sometime trusted Adsense publishers get caught in the invalid activity detection systems by error –  and Google Adsense team has expressed support for these people by a series of new measures.

  • Based on the severity and tenure of the invalid activity –  they will now suspend and discuss with webmasters (better than permanently terminate without information), while also sending emails (be sure to keep a valid active email registered there) and notification alerts on the Adsense panels.
  • They also added a special invalid activity appeal form in case you are penalized by mistake. The form typically asks if you purchased traffic, your traffic promotion means, any previous policy violations and access to your site traffic logs (with suspicious IP activity).

invalid adsense clicks

Remember Google allows only 3 days to fix policy violation issues. They review your account after 3 days and then can disable your account if not fixed. So remember to check your email at least every 3 days! Else you may need to fill a policy violation form.

Its good that Google Adsense is more communicative and helps to create a better advertising system for all. Be sure to check our popular Google Adsense tips.

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