100 Free Pizza Hut Perfumes for Facebook Fans

Like the fresh smell of Pizza Hut pizza? Then you will like the Eau de Pizza Hut, new Pizza Hut Perfume! Its true that Pizza Hut actually designed and created a Limited Edition perfume to distribute for free to its favorite Facebook fans.

 Pizza Hut Perfume

pizza hut perfume

It was inspired by a Facebook post about how much pizza lovers admired the  smell of a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened – and the result was 110 bottles of Eau de Pizza Hut, the signature perfume of Pizza Hut.  The event was a celebration by Pizza Hut Canada for reaching 100,000 Facebook fans and the lucky Facebook fans won the free perfume bottles by being among the first to want one.

pizza hut fans

Like celebrities, now even companies want their own branded perfumes (Remember the Macbook Unboxing perfume!).  Well the perfume is not expected in markets, and seems to be out of stock in Canada too – but you can always enjoy the same smell by ordering pizza right now.

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