Is Windows 8 Phone Keyboard better than Android, iOS?

Why is the Windows 8 phone keyboard better than your Android phone or iOS on iPhone? It s seems Microsoft studied smartphone users typing habits, typing styles and seeked to find what features mobile phone users needed the most to make for a better mobile keyboard typing experience.

The small screen and small keyboard on smartphones make typing a challenge if the keyboard is not user friendly. While the older real key push keyboards on cheaper phones can perform limited functions when pressed, the advantage of touch keyboards is that the mobile phone software can customize the key functions to make them better for users. Larger keys and multi function usage per key make for user friendly experiences.

Windows 8 Phone Keyboard

So what is new in the Windows phone keyboard that challenges the Android and iPhone – this video will show you.

Here are some Windows 8 phone keyboard tips to make you type faster and more accurately. I particularly like the Word flow, which suggests words as you type.  Holding the period key brings common punctuation options for faster typing. Are you typing an email –   @ and .com keys load up on the keyboard (or just tap the .com key to get options for .org and .net).

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windows 8 keyboard

Hold the Shift key and Cap Locks is on. Hold any letter, and all available accents appear for it, instead of searching in some special characters menu. A simple tap on the Happy Face pops up a whole range of beautiful emoticons.

keyboard emoticons

You might be interested to read more secrets of the Windows Phone 8 keyboard. So is the Windows 8 phone keyboard better than Android or iOS? Post a comment.

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