The One-Key Hash Tag Keyboard

This keyboard has only key and it types only the hash tag #.  Many people find it difficult to locate and type the hash tag on the regular keyboards, so this one key keyboard aims to solve that.

Hash Tag # Key

The Hash tag # has become so popular that it is being regularly used across social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to collect a particular topic and trend. The popularity of the hast tag is evident as no one posts a tweet or Facebook book post without it, as it allows their post to be collected across the numerous posts trending on the topic, enhancing the reach of your post  much beyond your smaller social network. It has also become a popular way for brands to market their name as well as products and features.hash tag keyboard

So cashing in on the trend, the HashKey claims to be the world’s first one-key USB keyboard to type just one character – the # tag!  So next time your friend asks “Where’s the hashtag key?“, this is what you can tell him to buy. Of course it is one USB port less for your computer, but then who is short of USB ports now.

Its is expected to sell for 17 Pounds each as they are trying to raise money on Kickstarter and promise a aluminium prototype also if they can raise enough money.


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