Never Buy Facebook Fans, Friends, Likes!

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How can you increase Facebook fans / friends / likes? Simply buy Facebook fans. Showing off a large number of Facebook fans has become a status symbol of your site community and people are buying  Facebook Fans to increase Facebook fan numbers.

A whole new business model has developed for Facebook marketing services, but note that many of these activities violate Facebook terms of service and can get your account terminated/limited.

Facebook Terms of Use

Warning: Facebook terms clearly state that you should not buy likes for your Facebook pages and warns that Facebook accounts found engaged in such activities can be limited for violating their terms.

If Facebook’s spam systems detect that your Page is connected to this type of activity, we’ll place limits on your Page to prevent further violations of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Buy Facebook Fans / Likes / Friends

Buy Facebook Likes

There are many popular services which will increase Facebook fans for a price. The new social Facebook Marketing services can sell you thousands of likes and followers for a few hundred dollars. In fact, if you have the money, you can buy packages of millions of Facebook fans – and I am sure celebrities and big brands might be looking out for the deals.

These brand new targeted and real Facebook fans can be added slowly over weeks to years so it looks natural. Many of these services confirm clicks by real users and no bots or spamming. Most orders are covered under a Money Back Guarantee. 

Note that targeted fans are more expensive than non targeted fans. US and UK fans seem to be in extra demand and cost more. And obviously, the larger the number of fans for sale, the longer they will take to add to your account.

After people  buy Twitter followers and buy blog comments,  this was bound to happen. Now obviously a whole business has developed for Facebook marketing services. What are your thoughts on these services.

80 comments on “Never Buy Facebook Fans, Friends, Likes!

  1. Harsh Agrawal says:

    I highly discourage using such services..because if you will see such site notes: They have mentioned they will invite 2000 or 1000 fans and it’s again up to those friends if they join your page or not…

    More over usually such people take help of fake girl Facebook profile and invite people…

    • Siddharth says:

      That’s true harsh, but i can provide Quality fans, Serving 50+ companies to get huge fan page likes for very less charge than these companies provide :)

      • anderson says:

        I would like to Buy 50000fans from Australia, (Age 18-25) and 50000fans from Hong Kong, (Age 18-25)

        Please let me know the price.

        Thanks & Best Regards,


      • shivank says:

        plz mail me ur companies name and your profession because i need a lot of indian fans on various fb pages.
        reply asap

      • Cool Quirks says:

        hey man,
        i am planning to use this service but im quite skeptical on how you get people to join the page. Could you enlighten me a lil?

      • pradeep says:

        hoe much is rate please tell me i want targeted audience from usa , uk, europe , middle est india etc

      • joshua and caleb says:

        I will like to get some fans from you

      • jasmin says:

        Hi jasmine ,I purchased their service a month ago ,real and active package ,
        since i m not banned ,i can see that likes are from real people but some how i dont get much conversation
        i bought 2000 real like package and its conversing little like just 5-9 likes per post an 15 around for picture and few comments sometimes

        Is this enough?

    • Carissa B. says:

      You have to read the fine print of the Facebook fan buying services you use. Some sites sell invites, some sites don’t deliver anything, but some sites are good at promoting your page. I had pretty good results with for example. It’s worth googling a company and finding out their reputation before buying anything.

    • Sean says:


      Let me know how to contact you – I’m interested in your trial service, then much more if it works…

    • el muro says:

      i need friends and fans for my bar in Antigua Guatemala or in Guatemala city
      what can you do for me ??

    • Joe says:

      Hey Huss, Is the trial offer still valid? Cheers, Joe

    • David says:

      Wow this blog is not well reserched, the price for their likes is way to high, I think the best place to buy facebook fans is cause they have 1000 likes for $19.00 instead of 59.99 thats the cheapest iv seen yet. And havent failed me yet on delivery.

  2. Wallace says:

    Are you are scammer if you are using this service?!

  3. Johny says:

    is a good thing but is not good.. :p

    1st: The prices are very high..
    2nd: the fans maybe not related to your page/topic.
    so, according to me, this is wasting of money..

    • James says:

      Agree with you. Maybe it works for short period. But, for long term, natural like is still the best.^^

  4. Vikash says:

    I agree with Harsh, This way of promoting facebook page will only result in creating holes in your pcoket. Not worth the price at all!

  5. Swamykant says:

    Paid traffic and visitors are not good for any sites.. Because they are fake most of the time..

    It is better to create a good profile on facebook and promote our sites and works


    • rakesh kumar says:

      i agree with you. paid fans are not interested in your contents and thus you are no where. They will leave you as it as. They are never ever loyal to your website. so try to generate proper fans using some solid contents

  6. Mark T. says:

    I have used a few of the sites mentioned above. The thing that you need to make sure of is that you are buying actual fans and not invites.

    That’s why so many of these sites are so cheap, you aren’t getting guaranteed fans. And not only that but also a lot of these websites don’t offer targeted fans.

    I wasted my money on a lot of different fan page services until I came across two that were actually worth the money. They not only guaranteed the fans but also provided a money back guarantee. Prices were very reasonable as well.

  7. Eamon Diamond says:

    I think most people in this planet uses facebook. It is a great means to promote and get your website more traffic.

  8. Andy says:

    I would be curious to know how they go about ‘inviting’ these fans as I suspect they are spamming other pages on Facebook and this is not a respectable way to be promoting your company – unless you have a shady operation to begin with anyway and don’t care what people think.

  9. Dana says:


    I’d have to respectfully disagree. I run a fan buying site and the way in which we add fans is from from spamming and is very natural. With spamming, many of these accounts could end up banned from Facebook which benefits no one.

    • Kabalyero Kidd says:

      Did you know that you just put more emphasis on the spamming nature of these practice by repeating the word “from” twice? LOL

      “the way in which we add fans is from from spamming”

  10. Ronziac says:

    hit me up any wants facebook promotion i can provide 1k-10k fans targeted.Currently working with some artists and marketing comopanies.US/UK/German/French fans

    • Dmitry says:

      I need US/UK/GERMAN/FRENCH fans , can you help me? contact me by skype:dikerm1 yahoo:dikermail

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