Google AdSense Sandbox Tool

DigitPoint’s Google AdSense Sandbox Tool is a wonderful tool to see what ads will possibly appear on your webpage or for particular keywords. Simply enter the URL or keywords and you will see up to 20 sample AdSense ads for the URL or keywords. So why is this useful.

This allows a quick preview of possible ads for your keywords. So you can check the various combination of keywords and see what kind of ads will appear. And all this is before you create a page with content for it.

This is different from the Google Adsense Preview tool, (Internet explorer only sigh!) which will have to work on already uploaded and hosted webpages and the ads will only show if the page is already indexed by googlebot. But a benefit is it allows you to view ads by regions like USA, India etc., and that is how it works on the web too so it is more accurate. If you see 10 ads on Adsense sandbox, Google preview for India for same url might show 1 ad only.

Another advantage is to find stop words – those keywords which are sensitive in nature and adsense blocks ads on such pages to reveal public service ads. So if for a keyword, sandbox shows no ads, maybe it is a stopword for google and you should avoid it in your page content.

Combine these sandbox ads with the Overture Bid tool and you have a winning combination of high paying keyword ads (or I might tell you later how). Make more money!

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