Use Blogger or Haloscan Comments?

Trackback is an essential components of blogging these days. Unfortunately Blogger does not have trackbacks. Haloscan provides you with a seamless way to integrate Trackback in your blog by adding a small code. while you use that, you can also integrate their comments component if you like to replace the Blogger comments.

Haloscan or Blogger comments – which one to use?

Haloscan has some good comments feature for free and very powerful comment management features if you pay for upgrades. The major benefits are that you can edit Haloscan comments which is not possible in Blogger. Blogger allows you to only delete comments and not edit them.

In Haloscan you can also by default open comments in a pop up window and keep comments separate from your post content altogether. Whereas Blogger will show all comments on the post page, though you have an option to open a pop up window for new comments.

I still use the excellent and free haloscan trackback and ping service, and it works very well too. As regards the haloscan comments, I initially converted to haloscan comments but came switched to Blogger. Why?

The main disadvantage is that Haloscan will not email you these comments for free. Moreover, it is difficult to track where these comments were made. But, Blogger will send you an email (if so configured) with any new comment along with the url where it was made. This is easy for comment management and deleting unwanted comments.

Now Blogger has take new steps to combat comment spam by using captchas to identify that humans enter comments and not automated spam software. Moreover, its a possibility blogger may allow better comment management in future and it will be difficult to move all comments from haloscan to blogger then.

If you can afford it – for a donation of $12 (USD) or more, haloscan will upgrade your account to a premium membership for 12 months. This gives you very powerful comment management features like – comment export, mass deletions, email notification, comment search and increased post length and so on…

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