Million Dollar Homepage Sold Out : Alex Tew is a Millionaire!

Withing a short period of few months the million dollar page is sold out! When I blogged last, the last 1000 pixels were for auction on Ebay.

So who won those last 1000 pixels? Elijah Kliger of Brooklyn, NY, won the eBay auction for the last 1,000 pixels, for his new site and he paid the princely sum of $38,100 on highest bid of 99 bids (for the original cost of $1000 for 1000 pixels).

So what additional benefit he got? His advertisement is placed on top prominently on the Million Dollar Homepage and is the first thing you see. I had also blogged earlier about some tips and tricks to get a better click through rate on the Million Dollar Homepage.

Then their site had downtime for a few days due to a DDoS attack which caused the site to be extremely slow loading or completely unavailable followed by a demand for a substantial amount of money. However all is fixed and running now. (DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service – an electronic attack involving multiple computers, which send repeated requests to a server to load it down and render it inaccessible).

It is a wonderful example of how a unique business idea made Alex Tew a millionaire in a few months and started a new marketing craze for many pixel homepages based on similar principles.

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