WordPress FeedBurner Plugin : Track All Feed Readers

So you think that your feedburner count is low and your actual visitors might be many more?

First step is to set the Feedburner default single feed and tweak the autodiscovery settings such that only one feed is accessible to your readers. This ensures that the total feedcount includes all your readers.

If you had not set this before, WordPress Feedburner plugin redirects all your readers from your original wordpress feed through Feedburner. So your feedburner chicklet / counter will show a sudden increase in number of subscribers. The feedburner counter is the one you see on the right which shows the number of feedburner rss feed subscribers.
It is available in 2 versions for WordPress 1.5 and WordPress 2. Install the correct version. Remember that the comment feeds are still served from WordPress.

I am new to WordPress so I have my feed set to default feedburner. But if were offering both your original as well as feedburner feed to your readers, your counter should see a jump in number. Try it and tell me…


  1. derek says:

    great tip. if i hadn’t had stumbled on your post, i wouldn’t have realized that my template was only displaying rss2.0. i had completely neglected users with 1.0 or atom preferences.

  2. Navjot Singh says:

    How can I make Feedburner Feed as default in blogger.com blog?

  3. Alvin says:

    There is always version conflict for me. Thanks for this great tip. For those who are using this plugin, please refer to your version before using it.

  4. Derek Huether says:

    Very helpful little tip. Your related articles were also very helpful. I hope things don’t change now that Google owns Feedburner.

  5. izephyr says:

    Nice information about feedburner plugin. I have been using the plugin for some time and I’m happy with it.
    @Dereck : google has already said that even though they have feedburner they are going to keep the service same. In fact they will offer you something more in the future, i think

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