AdRotator WordPress Plugin Rotates Ads : Reduce Ad Blindness

Repeat visitors to you website can start ignoring the same ads you keep displaying on your websites. This ad blindness can lead to lower clicktrough rates (CTR) and decrease your affiliate incomes. The key way to reduce ad blindness is to rotate advertisements, but how?

WordPress provides a unique plugin which allows you to easily rotate your ads, as many as you like in a very convinent way. The AdRotator WordPress Plugin is a total Ad Rotating Solution for your Ads. And it can easily help you rotate Google AdSense, yahoo ads, Commision Junction, Clicksor, Chitika Eminimalls ads etc.

Installation is simple and you can rotate as many ad units as you like.
Fist step is installation of the plugin into your wp-content/plugins directory. Activate it from the WordPress dashboard. Insert the php code where you want the banners to appear. Create txt files which have a single line code for each advertisement and upload it to wp-content/ folder. Create a single text file for each php code you insert. Read the user manual to guide you further.

If you do not have WordPress, you can use Commission Junction SmartZones and rotate Banners Advertisements of multiple affilates easily. You can also adjust the weight, that is the number of times that ads may be shown relative to each other.

Google Adsense allows you to officially rotate Adsense colors, upto 4 in number. Though the ads do not change, their color changes and can help reduce ad blindness.

Try these ad rotators and tell me if your ad clicks increase making you more money.

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